Post match v West Ham (A) (EPL 26/4/23 7:45pm)

Not spectacular but a job well done from the boys, this new system seems to be growing. 4 games in a row now Trent’s delivered the goods…no doubt in my mind where he should be.

MOTM poll also up, Allmighty-reds style baby…lets take it away.

And thank you to @SBYM for the vote of confidence.

MOTM v West Ham (A)
  • Ali the best keeper in the wooooooorld
  • Trent the wizard of Oz
  • Matip the match winning guru
  • Virgil the laxxy dazy e-call
  • Robbo
  • Fab
  • Hendo
  • Jones
  • Mo
  • Jota
  • Gakpo
  • Thiago
  • Diaz
  • Nunez
  • Milner

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You got in there quick smart, didn’t you?

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Onwards and upwards

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The kids are out. :grinning:

Nervy finish but overall a very good performance. Now let’s catch those Manc bastards!


Had to start 10 mins before it finished just to thread check I was doing the poll right…and hooooorahhh!!!

Away game. A goal down. Come back to win. Good to see.


That’s ‘doing it right’?

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I was thinking Darwin would put it to bed, but it was a nervy finish.

We wasted a few chances and they could have scored more too. So all in all a very good three points at their place, which is tough to go to.

I’m intrigued watching Trent get on the ball so much in his new role, and like everyone else, I can’t wait to see how it evolves next season with the midfield ranks boosted.

Top four is getting closer, but I don’t want to do that to myself, as a while ago I was resigned to closing the gap down but running out of games before we took fourth.


Arrrrrr Matip taking the MOTM award from Gakpo looking a bit flustered and saying Gakpo was the best player. What a man.


i will be honest, i didnt see us winning that


Not sure why the commentators are making a big deal of the Thiago handball incident.

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They both said they didn’t feel it was a pen…I thought we were a tad fortunate.

I don’t think that was a pen, he was falling and ball hit arm unintentionally. That said, I’d be fucking raging if it wasn’t given for us. Fickle fans lol


And especially Moyes should not be…

It has taken us until game 32 to get in front of Spurs.

If ya need a measure of how shit our season has been, there ya go.


We are above Spursy

Miguel Herrera Win GIF


They were good at start of the season. Have imploded

Thiago breaking his fall with his arm (guidelines in place to deal with this), and also the shot from super close, and Thiago not moving his hand to the ball. Put all that together and completely correct decision.


Against us and this thread would all have been about the penalty that wasn’t given…thoughts @Quicksand :wink: