Post Match: Villa v Liverpool (EPL 13/5/24 8pm)

This team have got into a habit of switching off/complacent - dunno what it is but Slot has to stop this habit of allowing teams back into games. Is it a mental problem? We give up a chance then are a complete shit show until the other team scores. Needs to stop.

It’s a structural issue for me, which hasn’t been resolved completely by our midfield overhaul. Still far too many gaps appearing in the central areas, allowing the opposition the space to drive forward. I do think our attackers need to be more cohesive in when to press defensively.

I think there’s also an element of players switching off, being fatigued, going through the motions, etc, but how many games have we actually had control? Not many. We may be 3rd, but so many of those games could’ve gone either way.

It can be resolved, so it’ll be intriguing to see how Slot resolves it.


It tends to be at the beginning of games. Just think of how many times we have come back from a goal down this season.

I’m really not worrying about last night’s game because it was a dead-rubber away from home. However, that sloppiness is costing us because they aren’t able to kill games off and pass it around for the last 20 minutes. That wears players out and causes injuries. Then the non-injured players have to play more minutes and around we go.

The slump around April had been on the cards for weeks because we were playing on fumes with a heavily depleted squad. That’s eventually going to catch up because the returning players aren’t match fit and the uninjured ones are knackered.

If you think of the season we won the league, we weren’t smashing teams out of the park for the most part. We were getting a couple of goals up and then keeping the ball. The new coaching team will just have to get that discipline back into them.


There will be tactical/technical aspects to this I don’t understand, but for me it comes down to how we give encouragement to teams and how we don’t accept encouragement when offered to us.

At 3-1 Villa’s second goal was coming and you could see it a mile off. We give plucky, spirited teams and their supporters the sense that there might be something on. The comeback. The unlikely winner.

When we are are in control we have to kill games - either by exerting control or extending the lead. We do neither.

I’m not digging them out too much - there is little to play for and they have all got an eye on the summer tournaments and Jurgen’s last game. I feel if that had needed to be won, it would have been won. But it has been an issue all season.

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This is where in-game management needs to be looked at as the next step in our progression at the side. Much like Klopp’s early days, we’re a bit open, and don’t know how to manage games. That has to be something we work on.

I’m not a fan of bringing on four players at once. It breaks the flow, and feels a little disrespectful.

Last season we couldn’t buy an away win, whilst we were doing very well at Anfield. This season, we can’t manage games and defend except for a 2-3 month period where we looked we could go all the way. For me, Klopp should bear some responsibility for these deficiencies. Either trainings haven’t been up to par or he has allowed bad habits to take root again and again.

That’s perhaps the one silver lining of his leaving. There are players who have become too comfortable with him and vice-versa. Like the man himself alluded, some new influences would go a long way.

The number of subs wasn’t the problem. The personnel involved was. Mac Allister had no business playing the full 90 and costing two goals.


Maybe Klopp felt a little disrespected by how the team were playing for 75mins or the majority of it, well enough so that he felt obliged to make 4 subs at once? There was no flow at any point during the game. It was giveaway foul, giveaway foul, foul foul giveaway and repeat by both teams.

Did you forget last season, or 2014-15?

Your point?

We need a player like Koopmeiners to cover defence and a striker like Jarrod Bowen in case Nunez goes away

No point to it, just wondering how it compared to those season. I think my personal worsts were 2014-15, and 2009-10.

Agreed, not resting Macca was the problem as he made the same poor touch receiving on the turn just before the 2nd goal and both looked like they were due to fatigue both mentally and physically.

The subs initially gave us a bit of control for 5 mins, so this time is was the players being subbed that was the issue.

This is the worst.
Jurgen deserves better

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I thought we played quite well, at the home of the fourth best team in the Prem. We had it won but then some carelessness on the back of four subs, losing our shape, undid it. I would add Villa seemed hungrier too, as they are trying to make sure of fourth place, whereas we could do no better or worse than third.

I think the main issue is not having an elite defensive midfielder, and that should be addressed in summer. The personnel we have can do better with a bit more application, positioning and care, but a defensive midfield boss is needed.

The season has effectively been over for a few weeks, so I’m not piling into them for playing out the games in this sort of way. After laying an egg and falling out of the title race, I’ve seen enough of a response. It’s now all over, bar the shouting.

And I hope we do shout, and lift the roof off, for the great man Jurgen Klopp on Sunday.

I am looking forward to next season as I think we have the bulk of a title challenging side, and with fresh impetus from a new man at the helm, plus a couple of good signings as he shapes it, we will be up and running again.

When Jhon Duran was playing for Chicago in the MLS I said we should get him. He was only a kid - a big kid, but had the size, strength and pace to already start to look a level above that. He is Colombian, and I thought he might follow in Diaz’s footsteps at around the 10M mark at the time. Villa have been making some shrewd signings.


Had half an eye on this. Thought Endo did well. As others have said, subs killed it. Salah the previously unstoppable force was eased of the ball time after time after time. I suspect his race in Liverpool is run. Sad end to a glitteringly brilliant stint with us. The players and the manager are done, time for a good break and a fresh approach.

Euros, bollocks……

It’s poor coaching and/or game management. Ultimately Jurgen is burnt out and his cones helper hasn’t been able to pick up the slack. I’m optimistic about Slot - not because I think he can do a better job but simply because we need change. The squad had also been allowed to get complacent with too.much loyalty shown to players and not enough ruthless renewal. Apparently Klopp had lots to do with this; hopefully this leaves with him.