Post Match: Villa v Liverpool (EPL 4/10/20 7.15pm)

Shake it off very well, there’s a game to be played in two weeks time


They were very good, we were very bad. They got lucky with a few, we got unlucky with a few. That said, objectively they deserved to win by at least a few clear goals.


It could even have been worse. They had many more chances, some of which were more dangerous than most of what we had.
I don’t want to talk so much more about the game, maybe tomorrow. It was an incredibly grim affair for us.
However, to end this post on a positive note, I loved that Klopp clapped to the Aston Villa coach. A nice touch, he deserves to be clapped a bit. Klopp is ever the fair coach and a very good representative even in defeat.


Mo man of the match rest were dog poo, Midfield invisible.
Bring on the bitters.


This is impressive. Lot character to fight through to completion.

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We’re lucky they didn’t score ten, in fairness.


Part of me thinks that you’re going to get freak results like this whilst matches still have the air of a training ground game but a bigger part of me thinks that this sort of mauling has been coming ever since we went ultra aggressive on the high line.

Lining up one yard inside your own half is football suicide and it gives teams like Villa who are technically far inferior to us an angle to attack. It gives them a game plan and it gives them hope when really they should have none.

Please Jurgen, for gods sake, drop 10 yards because I never want to sit through anything as embarassing as that ever again.


Well it really can’t get any worse than that surely? Proper throttling. Let’s bounce and take it out on the bitter cunts across the park after the break


I think maybe VVD, TAA might also have the coronavirus but just not tested positive yet, maybe a few others also…

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That was on a par with Barcelona throwing away a 4 goal lead in he CL, twice.

Had to be one of the most painful games I think I’ve ever watched us play. A bunch of Sunday league no hopers wouldn’t have done any worse.

The timing of this is really shite as well.


Any keepers available tomorrow?


I voted Robertson, Milner and Jones.

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It started with Adrian’s error. I was warned by a Hammer’s season ticket holder that he was a liability at times. That was why he was their second choice.


Just jesting mate, cant not but laugh after that tbh.

Shameful. And all of the boys are going to their internationals tomorrow

They where all poor and you can all have a bad night and lose a match but like this, but let them do whatever they like, whatever they want… no way kick the shit out of that poster boy but never let them humiliate you.

God how I miss Stevie G in matches like this, he knew what to do.

They are off for an international break, let’s hope nobody gets back injured or with COVID and let’s beat the Bitters.

BTW, there is still time to buy a decent second goalkeeper Herr Klopp.

A mod, please, can you add option no-one in vote?
I think, at that score, we can’t vote someone. Sorry, Salah.

Keep giving through balls and plenty willing runners
Thats how you beat Liverpool.


Make a mistake. No worries. Just do it again. And again. And again.

Team started poor, and Adrian gifted the opening goal. But then we actually had a good spell, where should have got back into it with a penalty (how many soft pens were given for other teams?)

Then more cases of fine margins, where the house edge went again in Villa’s favour. But we got a goal back to make it 2-1, before a defensive opposite of a masterclass.

In the second, Villa clearly slowing down play, but then we completely lost the plot. Some of the play was inexcusable. Cut open too easy, just with simple balls (us leaving two v two on the halfway line and trying to play offside).

Fat play to Villa. Lucky at times, but then did their gameplay well. Still think they’ll do a Leicester and implode after Christmas. By the way, in the Prem.

Laughable play of the day: near the end, already 7-2 down, Villa kick onto the crossbar… but wait a minute. Look at the replay. Adrian is runnning forward to who knows where. Bizzare.

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