Post Match: Villa v Liverpool (EPL 4/10/20 7.15pm)

Yeah, it was shite. Not in a spoiled fan who is just mad because we lost a match kind of way, it was proper shite. Maybe happened at the right time though.


Ok guys, we can blame Adrian, Gomez, Bobby or whoever, but how many times do you have to get your pants pulled down before you stop defending on the halfway line?!
I understand why it’s done, but you cannot reinvent defending. It wasn’t even worthy of an under 12 team tonight tactically, and no individual player is to blame for that.


Another thing play Kelleher in goal he might learn from a mistake.

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Just pissed off.

That is all.




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Gomez abysmal. Worst centre back performance I think I’ve ever seen at Liverpool, shite.

Adrian is a league 1 standard goalkeeper. The fella is a clown and has no business being our number 2, a Lonergan/Manninger role at best. Shite.

Firmino. Shite.

Loads of others shite too.

Hopefully a bit of a wake up call with our high line, there’s no need for it. Some adjustments need to be made over the next two weeks by the coaching staff.

Fabinho looked lost again in the midfield, the game too quick for him. The return of Henderson and Thiago cannot come soon enough, we will never have a performance like that with those in the team.

Shame Milner wasn’t on the pitch, he could have guarded against some of that stupidity.

We can still go top by beating Everton after the break. My phone is already blowing up with those gobshites having a party at that result but the fact remains that we’re still the best team in this league. Hopefully we learn from this.


Thiago and Hendo in the middle of the park cant come soon enough.
The spine of that side was not there today, Adrain, Gomez, VVD, Fabinho and Firmino were as bad as they could be. Embarrassingly so.
We were abysmal defensively, aided by a non existent midfield, a headless keeper, a No9 who didn’t do the basics, and 3 deflected goals.
Klopp has questions to answer too, why not change it when it was obvious we were all at sea? Gomez had a howler and was really struggling…why not change it to give him more protection or hook him before he imploded completely?
And the high line defensively allowing acres in behind with Adrain between the sticks? Suicide.


Gomez gets -4 and that’s charitable. Adrian - 2.
Salah/Robbo/Jota did their best may be 7 or 8. Rest all 0. Gomez straight to under 23 team to learn some basic defending stuffs… He is just hype… Sell him if possible but after this performance I don’t think anyone will be interested in him… Liverpool version of Eric Bailey… The most annoying stuff is you tend to make things right when you made a mistake and let the team down just like Robbo did the other day… He didn’t even try which is not acceptable at Liverpool…

Bad day at the office. It was bound to happen at some point. ! bad keeper error 3 minutes in, 2 unlucky deflections but regardless we were asleep and sloppy all day.
Last time we experienced this at Stoke there was no hope, this time it just feels like a very strange day in a twilight zone alternate universe.

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It’s been coming, you know. Okay, not 7-2. But the complacent defensive displays have been there for months now. This just happened to be the most egregious example. I’m disgusted by a few of our boys who should just know better. There aren’t really any excuses. We were caught out in behind the RB again and again and again. It was shambolic.

Boot up the arse, doesn’t cover it. I want to see a fucking transformation of biblical proportions against the bitters. I never want to see us play that badly ever again. That has to be Klopp’s message if we’re going to retain this year.


Hardly. We haven’t just lost the PL title tonight. We are ahead of City. No way Everton and Villa go on winning.


Well played Villa, back to the drawing board for us and an attitude check. Finally need some coaching on how to control a ball and pass it to a Liverpool player :wink:

Was looking forward to seeing the mancs getting battered on motd but now…


Move on.
Everything went bad for us.
This humiliation needs to be avenged. No other way.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING prepared me for the fact that we would be champions again with only 111 points this season


absouletely disgraceful. time for that offside trap to be binned and for us to sign a reserve gk tomorrow. that was a complete capitulation,mentally and physically. hard to see how that doesnt affect us going forward this season,id even go as far as saying the league is gone tonight.

The international team managers should just tell the Liverpool players to stay at Melwood and prepare for their next PL match.

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Ok. This will be unpopular, but while we were well beaten, Villa benefitted from one of those weird games where literally everything went right for them and nothing went right for us.

Sure the narrative will be Liverpool got twatted 7-2, but when Villa have three speculative shots take deflections and go in, the score line is misleading.

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Genuinely shocked, you can have a bad day but what the hell was that? Embarrassing…

What happened there?