Post match: Villarreal v Liverpool (UCL 3/5/22 8pm)

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Wanted to vote for Diaz three times. We should buy a Luis every January!

Missed the first half but it sounds like the players didn’t heed Klopp’s pre-match words about guarding against complacency. Not the first time that’s happened. Anyway that won’t be a problem at Wembley or in Paris.


We signed Luis Garcia in August.


An addendum to my Mane post in the other thread…to remind you…

Tonight he surpassed Drogba to become the greatest African goalscorer in CL knockout history…

Ffs. Rashford was actually quality in 19/20 and had spurts in 20/21 (along with excellent productivity) that surpassed anything those guys did. Rashfords peak level that he did sustain for a while was something like Mane level. Saying Downing is ridiculous.

Looks like someone other than me has been drinking tonight…

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Everyone knows that, just like everyone should know that we were really shit in the first half.

Luis Chaos gets my number one vote. Our boys played better, collectively, but he literally made all the difference when he came on.

Also gave Sadio and Fab.


Never in doubt. I don’t know what everyone was panicking about at half time. :joy:



First off fair play to Villarreal. A team largely made up of PL cast offs from Spurs, Arsenal and even ourselves. Working on a fraction of our budget and a manager chased out of Arsenal for not turning them around inside 12 months.

They absolutely had us on toast first half. Ground was rocking, players were buzzing around and we looked like the relative minnows caught in the headlights on the big occasion. Fuck, if they had a better keeper we might be talking about a whole different outcome.

But this team is exceptional. We finally have the strength in depth to bring equal quality off the bench. We have a manager who is not only tactically astute but knows how to get the best from players, even ones as shell shocked as our boys were half time.

Some achievement and now time to go write history. The red tide is coming and nothing is getting in its way.


oh this manager has the biggest set of balls full stop. any other manager would have removed thiago or kieta put Henderson and gomez and play 5 41 but not klopp , positive change and we attack . also this a lesson to all who think can press us , yes u will for 45 min but after this u have nothing the 2nd half they were done and couldnt run and we could have scored 5. last i loved destroying the arsenal and Tottenham rejects


A few things from tonight.

  • Game of two halves. As bad as we’ve been in the first, as good as we’ve been in the second. God knows how you just switch like that, but this is some team to recover from that performance.

  • the only player who didn’t look transformed by half time was Robbo. Desperately poor, and the best you can say is for maybe the first time in years looked like a lad we got from Hull for 8m quid rather than the worlds best left back.

  • Diaz changed the game with his direct running and willingness to carry the ball and beat his man. What a signing he’s been

  • Thank Christ their keeper is fucking bonkers.

  • Some of the shit in the match thread was really unpleasant. Quite a few of you need to sort yourselves out. Lashing out at each other. Winding each other up. Baiting. Name calling. It’s like a fucking kindergarten before nap time.

At some point we’re going to lose a match, and we need to remember when the game is frustrating that this should be a community where we can handle and talk about a disappointing performance without turning into absolute bellends.


A goal right at the start of the the game. Another right before the half time break. A first half where we were outplayed.

Many teams would’ve gone under there.


Paris here we come. :heart_eyes::tada::partying_face:


DJ’s impact when he arrived was immediate and considerable. Diaz has pretty much blown him out of the water.

If DJ was a direct hit, what the fuck was Luis?


Eff off Gary, drown yourself in vinegar. Love it when the wine goes bad for him :rofl:


Dreadful 1st half. Sublime 2nd half.

Diaz is something else!!!

Even at 2-0 down I knew we would win. Honest! OK I smoked 2 pipes and drank 2pts of Guinness!!!

Glory days!!!


Great 2nd half….off to book my tickets to Paris :grin:


I don’t really think anyone deserved motm in that first half so I went with Diaz.

We looked woeful and I said we needed half time 5 mins in but that’s Klopp second half and we are a different beast, yes some luck but I think do enough.

And my analysis was so off, maybe we needed it.


To be fair, first half was grim. We were just off somehow. Passes were going astray, defence was losing men to really basic stuff.


Exposed brick.

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