Pre- and In-Match | Man City vs Liverpool | PL Matchday 29 | Saturday April 1st 12:30h | Etihad Stadium

Long wait until this one.

Next up Man City - which is least of my worries.

But it’s another away game.

And another early kickoff.

And the international breaks usually don’t help us too.

At least we’ve played them often enough to know what to expect and how to hurt them.

High press. High intensity. Wild game.

Trent Matip Vvd Robbo
Hendo Fabinho Ox
Salah Firmino Nunez

Don’t take the lineup serious but imagine Ox could finish his Liverpool career the way he started it - with some great performances again City.



Going by trends, we are going to win the next 3 matches with a total of 21-0

Must win!
I will be scathing if we lose, will sell every player!

If we are to jag a fluke win this is a good starting point.
Not terribly confident but this the kind of fixture that brings out the best in us.

I just hope that Jürgen spends the next couple of weeks reading the riot act to the boys. They haven’t become bad footballers overnight; it’s a question of mentality.

Apply themselves properly and we can smash these sportswashing cunts.


…and then lose to Leeds 1-0 in a piss poor Monday night game.


Hope Fabinho and Milner are not our midfield for this :confused:

I think we’re more likely to get stuffed than to win this one.

So, we play the sportswashers next?

Does the date give us any inkling of a result…

I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Ugh, do we really have to play this 1? :see_no_evil:

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More than 2 weeks of rest from this lot.

Hard to predict anything with us these days. We’ve made a certain progress, but we’re too inconsistent both with our performances and results.

No running away from the fact that City are clear favourites here.

12 league finals to go, I have no idea what we’ll accomplish.


We probably will get smashed.

I’d take that trade.


Agreed on mentality, but not on the reasons.

We’ve become losers mentally, and it’s quite clear that the multiple setbacks we’ve suffered have taken their toll. We need to change from doubters to believers again. And I very much mean the team, just to start with.

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Just realised this game was so far away.

My favourite part of this season has been the international breaks. Get in.

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Don’t get Twatted at their place…

Cor!!! 2 weeks to fret and stress about who may or may not be fit, the line-up and whether we’ll see a different attitude from the lads.

Personally I’ll not be giving it a second thought.

My only hope is we do well against teams who come at us and play football leaving space behind. Pep is arrogant enough to do as such.

If Nunez is fit I reckon we’ve got a good chance.