Pre and in Match Thread. Brentford vs Liverpool. EPL. Sat 25th Sept. 1730 hrs

A question of who Klopp sees as a fit for this.
Matip or Gomez or Konate? Robbo gets the nod at LB I think.
Maybe Joel shades CB with Virgil.

Fabinho, Hendo and Keita/Jones/Ox

Up front Taki is food for thought for the boss…

Not sure if Bobby is recovered but seems Thiago is definitely out.


Matip and VVD.
Robbo is no longer an automatic pick.
Thin in midfield. Jones was way better than Ox or Naby last night.
This is going to be tougher than most expected at the beginning of the season.



Trent Matip Van Dijk Tsimikas

Henderson Fabinho Jones

Mane Jota Salah

Robbo’s had a couple of issues and has been poor in his last couple of outings whereas Tsimikas has been outstanding, so no need to complicate it too much.

Jones played well last night and also did so in his two sub appearances against Palace and Milan, deserves the start over the others.

Front 3 remains the same. Jota could do with a good game, but I still wouldn’t be picking Taki or Origi ahead of him yet.

Should be a good one this, 3-1 to the reds.


3 points here will be huge considering City and Chelsea face each other and one of them will drop points. And the fact that we face City post this game.

Might see some rotation in this one and then Porto as well before we go full strength against City.

Could be tricky. I liked the atmosphere Brentford created against Arsenal in the first game. Hope we get the job done without much fuss and injuries.


I think Robbo will get the nod over Tsimikas.
Jones definitely for me
All fitness dependant of course.
If it’s not broken why fix it?

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Trent Matip VvD Robbo
Hendo Fabinho Keita
Salah Jota Mané

If Trent is not ready Milner will start.

Hope Matip starts or at least on bench because otherwise I’d be worried that he is injured and the club won’t communicate that rightaway again.

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Yeah, we might have Tsimikas then play the entire 90 against Porto and then Robbo back against City? Never know will Klopp to be honest, lot would depend on training and fitness close to kick off.

I know one game at a time, but Klopp might need to manage minutes and may have a view on the upcoming games to decide on line up?

Tsimikas has really impressed and is knocking on the door for first team action. Robbo ofcourse is brilliant, but we can finally give him rest rather than burning him out completely like previous seasons. We might see them rotating over the course of next few games.


I really liked Tsimikas the 1st time I saw him. More technical than Robbo however Robbo brings that physical touch that we need so much particuèlarly now that Millie is less called upon and a little slower.
So perhaps horses for courses, it also appears Tsimikas is nearer full match fitness than Robbo at the moment so we can see both being used in matches to sort that out on a changing 60/30 basis.


Robbo is a machine, I think once he gets fully sharp Klopp will rotate less. Wouldn’t surprise me if he starts the next three, but think I’d go with Robbo for the PL games and chuck Tsimikas in for the CL Porto game. Just to ensure he’s got the legs for Man City.


Is it certain that TAA will be available?

Depends how bad his cold/flu was?

Can’t get on board with this at all. He’s the best left back in the world. Along with Mo our only consistent player in last year’s shit show. Def 1st choice for every important game. Great to have quality back up though!


Trent Matip VVD Robbo
Hendo Fab Keita
Salah Jota Mané



Yup, I’d go with that. Get as many points on the board as possible early doors while we can still rotate midweek


Kieta might be injured, Jones played midweek (as did AOC), Thiago is injured. Where is Millie at?
Midfield crisis?
So that 3rd midfield spot is up for debate, I can not figure it out myself but think atm I’d go Jones with Kieta coming on later.

I didn’t say he wasn’t first choice for the most important games, but in a fixture like Porto for example, where he would have previously been an obvious selection, it’s now open to debate, therefore, he’s no longer an automatic pick.
It’s good for the team, and ultimately the player too, that there is such a strong back up. If he can go into the Man City game fit and fresh everyone benefits.


I think Robbo goes back in and the real (or only) question is who starts in midfield in that spot alongside Fabinho and Hendo. Could be Keita, could be Jones. Never count Millie out, too!


Smash them. They’re shit.


Trent Matip Van Dijk Robbo
Hendo Keita
Salah Jota Mane

I’m in no mood for complacency against these - they’ve proved themselves to be a tidy outfit.

I’d give Robbo the nod, despite Tsimikas’ form (he’ll get Porto), but he needs to see Kostas as a threat.

I think Keita should be OK. It looked a pre-planned one last night. Morton only got 45 in the last U23 game.

Brentford is this year’s leeds. Cant see them being pragmatic and going for the low block. Which means as long as we don’t switch off itll be an entertaining game which we should win.