Pre and In Match Thread. Liverpool vs Chelsea. EPL. Sat 28th Aug. 1730 hrs

Our toughest test so far. Chelsea represent title rivals, and whether we agree or not, the addition of Lukaku makes them a different challenge.

However, bring it on…

Few dilemmas.
At CB Matip and Virg have been very safe thus far but the thought of playing a big unit like Konate vs Lukaku is an option. I reckon Joel has done enough to stay in place. On his game he is probably our second best CB.

LB is a quandry. Kostas has been superb, and at any other club this wouldn’t be a question…but a fully fit Robbo HAS to start. Surely?

Hopefully Fabinho is ok to start, his presence is neccessary, and I would consider Thiago and Hendo in the three. Harsh on Naby and Harvey perhaps but what a great dilemma for the Boss to have.

I would start Bobby with Jota on the bench.

Loads of pee season peedictions had City or Chelsea as champions and the Lukaku factor is underpinning their claim…
Looking at the squads pound for pound, player for player we can and will compete at any level…

Lets tear into them! Come on Reds, fucking lay down serious markers here.


Yes @Quicksand I would start Konaté too against Lukaku.

We will not win or lose 1-1

Keep the same starting eleven.

If it ain’t broke…


Biggest test for @Quicksand ? Nah… last season finishing top 4 was! :wink:

… …Alisson…
Trent… Matip… VVD…Robbo
…Fab …

I’ll go with the players who have played well the last two game and deserve a start based on the performances. The only exception being Robbo, because I expect him to slot in directly without any fuss. Chelsea created mostly through James and that right side against Arsenal and Mane will have his work cut out for this one as well.

Personally not a game IMO for changing CB pairing. And putting up Konate now, when it’s not broken. Would be an unnecessary tweak which if not gone well could hamper his confidence with his first start itself. Matip is more than capable to handle Lukaku.

Keita has been playing really great, and I don’t see the need for Thiago to start this one. Midfield is where the game will be won or lost, and with Hendo and Fab both starting, Keita will provide that extra in the attack.

Bobby vs Jota is an interesting choice and Jota seems very lethal and a difficult prospect to deal with. Interesting options we have on the bench, but so do they. Pretty strong squads with lot of depth and variety, proven match winners so it’ll be one heck of a game. It’s Anfield that’ll make the difference and I hope so.

3 points, any fcking how and it’ll be a nice statement before we go into the break. Would be good to create some doubts in the back of Chelsea minds as well.


Same XI that has started the first 2 games.

My 1 possible change would be Gomez in for Matip but as we are not yet doing the midweek games in LC and C/L not sure that is really needed, but we know VVD/Gomez partnership is the best CB pairing in the league.

To be clear, I think Matip starts but it is a seriously great feeling that we have three quality options in waiting if and when required.

I know its harsh on Naby to put Thiago ahead if him, but if we were picking our best eleven with everyone available I simply cannot leave Thiago out.
Once again though, its brilliant to have options.


Chelsea could be our toughest game of the season.

We’re gonna smash them.


We have to keep Matip in for now. If it’s not broke…


I’d play Millie, one hit from him and Lukaku will cower away.
Could do with Robbo as well.

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Hendo will be the key difference, like he always is in such big games.

An Elliott nutmeg on Azpilicueta for a 90 min winner in front of the Kop… I dream :heart_eyes:


Surely the only question marks are 1, Whether Robbo is fit and 2, Whether to start Bobby.
Otherwise the team picks itself.

I’d like to write an essay about all the reasons I despise the Chavs, but I’ll spare you. Everyone knows why they are a horrible club by now.

A win would be so sweet.


My lineup for this one.
Alisson, TAA, Matip, VVD, Robbo (to intimidate), Fabs, Hendo (to stare them out), Millie (to smash 'em a bit), Salah (to score goals), Firmino (to smile), Mané (to grin).

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Flobs is so confident, only 10 players are enough :sweat_smile:

In my defense I put Trent in then decided to change it to TAA and forgot to add TAA after erasing Trent. :roll_eyes:

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Before a ball had been kicked this season, looking at the fixtures i’d have taken a point from this one, but having started so well, I’m feeling greedy and want all 3.

I’d go with

Trent, Matip, VVD, Tsimikas*
Hendo, Elliott*, Keita
Salah, Jota*, Mané

If Robbo, Bobby are picked that would be fine. Don’t know if Fab or Ox or Milner would be available, or if Klopp would throw in Elliott from the start regardless, so his spot could easily go to someone else.

As I said, whilst we don’t have midweek games coming thick and fast, I’m not sure we need to just yet, but we do know the Gomez and VVD are the best pairing in the world - just look at their record prior to Gomez getting injured 2 seasons ago, so if the change happens I am not too concerned

You do realise who the opposition is don’t you?
Where’s you reasonning? :wink:

Dont get all the “drop Matip” suggestions.

Robbo and Fabinho come in for Tsimikas and Harvey


Our 1st 6 pointer of the season, just saying. :smiley:

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Not singling you out, as quite a few people say similar things, but I’ve never understood this mentality.

We are one of the very best teams in Europe and, as such, we should be looking to win every game we play… especially at home.