Pre Match | Liverpool vs. Arsenal | PL Matchday 3 | Monday September 28th 20:00h | Anfield

Time to put Arsenal back in their place with two wins next week.

Gomez returns to team training on Friday - no need to rush him back.

Not sure how Hendo is.


TAA Fabinho VvD Robertson
Keita Thiago Wijnaldum
Salah Firmino Mané

League Cup

TAA Gomez VvD Tsimikas
Milner Henderson Jones
Shaqiri Minamino Jota

If Milner and Hendo are not ready for the second game I would bring in Grujic and Wijnaldum.



Time to kick them up the Arse :thinking:

Now the Cup/B team have scored 7 the A team need to step and spank the Arse.
My team pick is whatever Klopp says.

3 nil is a minimum to aim for.


Very difficult game. Arteta has them playing some good stuff. Will be tight throughout, no more Bobby walking through a defence made of cheese strings.

My team:


Minamino is very unlucky not to make this team in my opinion. Would like to see him brought in for a start with our main team to see how he does.

I could see Millie brought in instead of Gini for a more defensively structured midfield.

Fabinho over Gomez in my opinion. Was our best defender last week against Chelsea, so can’t drop him really.


3-2 to us

TAA Fabinho VVD Robertson
Gini Thiago Jones
Salah Bobby Mane

Henderson in for Gini if fit.


Time to show them that we win when it matters, unlike the previous two games against them.

Alisson - Trent Fab VVD Robbo - Keita Thiago Gini - Salah Bobby Mane

Get 3 points in this and for me we have exceeded the expectations from the first 3 games. With 9 points in 3 games and Arsenal and Chelsea games done, it’ll be a very nice start to the season.


That lineup looks spicy


Minamino is knocking on the door. Hopefully it lights a fire under Bobby. Otherwise my midfield pick is Keita-Thiago-Gini. Let’s make them dread having to come back to Anfield again.

Although the wall in front of the post is solid, I would still play Alisson in the goal. :crazy_face:


They turned over Fulham, but Fulham are shit. They weren’t all that against a mediocre West Ham. From their perspective, they should be encouraged to see their team grind out a win where they certainly would have dropped points last season.
Arteta is going the right way, but they’re still a long way from where they want to be.
Gabriel has been solid on the whole, but he still looks nervous and he has made a few clumsy mistakes that we would have converted into goals. Press that boy.
We’ll swat them off. 4-1.


Gomez back in training today so he should partner Virgil, Thiago keita and gini in midfield the rest picks itself.


How do you know about Gomez and any news on Skip?

Anyone knows if Hendo is back for this one?

Being cautious with the injured lads.


Trent Fabinho Van Dijk Robbo


Gini Keita

Salah Firmino Mane

Gomez and Hendo might slot in if they have recovered from knocks.

I think Chelsea are the third best team in country and we swatted them aside last week. We can do the same to Arsenal.

Behind Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves, right?


Hendo might, but it will be difficult. Gomez should be back in training today. We’ll hear Klopp’s presser in a few hours.

I’d say it all depends on Gomez, though even if he’s fit, we might decide to stick with Fabinho at CB for this one. But I wouldn’t be so sure.

If Fabinho comes back in midfield, Keita drops out. Would be interesting to see who would play the #6 in a Thiago, Gini and Keita midfield, out of the first two. Probably Thiago.

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Yeah, I would keep Joe and Jordan out of this game since we have the depth now and allow them to gain more sharpness.

I would like to see Takumi instead of Firmino. Not just because Bobby is a bit jaded, but also to develop different combinations upfront.


Agree with both sentiments: we shouldn’t have to rush so-called “first team” players back prematurely, given our squad depth, and Taki definitely deserves a runout at Bobby’s expense.

To put it bluntly, Taki has been shit-hot, while Bobby has just been, well, shit.


Taki has been great in front of goal, but the question is still can anyone replicate the selfless enabling job that Bobby does for the team?

‘Shit’ is a really unfair assessment of Bobby. We could do with a better goal return, but we also know he brings do much more than this to the team.


I don’t think that there’s any doubt that Taki has the required work rate. And I use the word “shit” relatively- by his own high standards, and those of the club, Bobby has been poor for some time now.


Not sure we should rushing to assume Tiki can replicate the all round performance and link play that Bobby brings,the importance of Bobby is more than just scoring goals.