Pre Match: Liverpool vs Benfica, CL QF 2nd Leg @ Anfield, April 13th, 20h00 GMT

Nunez could have had five goals tonight without the offsides. :rofl:

Come on ATM

Give Madrid a pen, go on, it was close enough lol

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is it over yet???

well done…easy peasy … lol

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This was a treat. Fantastic game. While I love to watch Liverpool beat teams 5-6 nill, this sort of game, where the opponent really raises their game, is also fantastic. Big thanks to Benfica for making this a great game!

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Yeahhhh!.. Semi-final, here we come! Well done, lads!


Cancelo will miss the first leg of the semi.

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Looks like Ederson has done his shoulder

the tie was probably killed at 5-2/ Benfica did well timing their runs right to beat our usually reliable offside trap, but with the regular defenders of Trent and VVD , we would have the backline better organized.

Either way, Can’t be this open against Villareal or any other team for that matter


Fake injury…

What happened to Konaté, it should have been Konaté 8 Benfica 0!

Fodens not very photogenic …is he…

Simeone is a knob

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Wasn’t exactly a stroll by the end.

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Soo which one of atletis players will become a stereotypical hard man in Hollywood in a decade

That was madrids chance

Surely a penalty???

Come on Real.

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