Pre-match: Liverpool vs Brentford | EPL, Sunday 12th November, 14:00 GMT

Let’s see if me starting a thread works out OK.

This is our last game before (yet another) international break. Hopefully, we will see a big improvement over the last two games.

Alexis Mac Allister is suspended after one yellow card too many. Jones is out with a calf injury until after the international break. We’ll have to wait to see whether van Dijk and Gravenberch have recovered from their illness / injuries. Thiago is out but I suspect you all knew that.

Apparently the game isn’t on UK TV so feel free to post streaming links for UK based fans. It’s also Remembrance Sunday so I’d expect to see a minutes silence before the match.



1-2 - our players are believing their own hype. Turning up expecting to win without putting a shift in.
Unless they improve I expect Brentford to give them a wake up call.
This is a must win cos drop point here - we have city away next.

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Must win this if only to get our Mojo back.But after the abject effort last night,there is work to do in little time.Got to be confident so 2-1 at home should be a reasonable ask!


We’re at Anfield….we’re formidable at home, it’ll likely be a tough watch at times but I reckon a nervy-ish 2-0 win. More concerned about Sheffield and Burnley away.

Ali Gomez Ibou Virgil Kostas Trent Endo Szobo Salah Nunez Diaz

If Grav is 100% then him for Endo.

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We’ve just had two ‘wake up calls’. How many more do we need?


We’re going to get a thrashing!

It is on Viaplay overhere so if you can somehow make it to O’Casey’s in The Hague, the first pint is on me … :sunglasses:


TAA-Konaté-van Dijk-Gomez




3-1 and a red card!

Tougher team selection this time after two surprisingly weak performances against lower level of opposition. Brentford are tricky, but we’re at home so… maybe we’ll risk more and hope for the best.

I’m counting on Gravenberch being out, as it sounded like he was 50-50 at best for the weekend. And it doesn’t actually change much for our midfield if he is fit to start. We’ll see if there are any little updates from Klopp later.

I would certainly lean towards Endo not starting this game and rather try something different, even consider changing our shape to double pivot for a game. Doesn’t fill me with enough confidence right now. Honestly, if Jones was fit, I’d probably start him at #6 here. Not sure if Gravenberch could do it at this stage, possibly not.

Unfortunately, there are not many options what we could do without Endo starting here, so you’d also have to be careful not to change too much. We might have to do it and just hope we have enough on the day to beat them. See how it is for 45-60mins and then change more if we have to.

Gomez will probably be needed again from the start here (set-pieces), so hopefully he has no issues. Either at LB or potentially even at RB, if we’re considering using Trent in midfield (option for either midfield shapes). But then you’re picking between underperformers in Tsimi and Endo. Both Matip and Quansah were weak last night.

Szoboszlai also had a weak “game and a half”, so if he’s needed to help out a bit deeper, he better react properly. Elliott could be a serious candidate here, if we go normal 4-3-3 or change the shape to 4-4-2.

Other than that, apart from obviously Salah and Nunez, I’d give Jota the little advantage. Think he’s slowly hitting a decent level of form. Diaz looked motivated against Toulouse, but for me he still isn’t the automatic choice all the time. Hopefully he’s clear and good to go again after the international break.

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I hope last night generates a bit of a reaction.

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You would have hoped that last time

As I have mentioned in the Toulouse post-match, for two consecutive games our players lacked energy. I can’t imagine a reason when it’s not even halfway mark of the season and squad has been rotated adequately.

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The lack of energy isn’t due to the players gas tank being empty and thus physically incapable of showing it, it’s completely down to attitude. At home 8 wins from 8, because the fans don’t accept watching shit in front of their eyes.

Look at those players after FT yesterday, were any of them blowing out their arse? No. Looked very much like they’d just finished a church mass session.

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Dunno Luton was a get out of jail type result.

Helped they lost a game we can afford to in the circumstances it did.

Wasn’t any chances last night I would say were particularly unlucky. We were just really crap.

Against Luton we may have been crap but should have scored about 5.

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This was a very good MNF, from around a month ago. The one with O’Neil recently was also brilliant, he was so open considering he’s an active PL manager.

Even without our recent performances and results Brentford would have been a tough task. They’ve won their last three games.

But it’s at Anfield and - unless the psychological damage has already been done - I’m expecting us to win.


I think it’s kick up the arse time…just in time for Brentford…

I’d start with 4 forwards, Jota playing behind Nunez. Beat them 6-5.

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Brentford are usually a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde home and away but then they beat Chelsea away and lost to Everton at home.

As Klopp said they may well be a bit disappointed with where they currently are.

I do hope we take it out on someone.