Pre-match: Liverpool vs Fulham | EPL, Sunday 3rd December, 14:00 GMT

It’s the first Sunday of Advent so time to dig out your Blue Peter Advent Crown and start a house fire.

Before that we are playing Fulham at Anfield and a competent performance and a comfortable 3 points would be a nice start to the day before phoning the Fire Brigade.

Oh yes, the disclaimer: @RedWhippet takes no responsibility for the outcome of this game, whether result, refereeing decisions, or injuries sustained. The Blue Peter Advent Crown is a notorious fire hazard that the BBC’s children’s television department encouraged children to construct from bits of highly flammable bits and bobs that could be found around the home (assuming that your home was full of tinsel, used coat-hangers and sticky-backed plastic). No child was permitted to construct this thing by their parents but the odd ones that did presumably spent Christmas Day in sheltered emergency accommodation.


I’ve just checked and this isn’t on TV in the UK. Feel free to post any links closer to the time.

Must win.


The first of the 3 must win PL matches before the Ugly visits us on the 17th.

lets play our PL team 3-1 good guys.

Referee: Stuart Attwell. Assistants: Richard West, James Mainwaring. Fourth official: Tim Robinson. VAR : Paul Tierney. Assistant VAR: Adam Nunn.

In this age of steroid-boosted oil cheats, every game is a “must win”. There’s little margin for error nowadays.


My first ever game at Anfield!

Got seated near the away fans in the main stand!!!

Me, my dad and my brother. Just a day trip over from Ireland but cannot wait. Will have to try a local pub and get down to see the murals.


Post some pics


The Sandon and The Albert are the two obvious pubs to try- both right by the stadium and rammed on match days.

I prefer the Guinness in The Albert, personally, but I haven’t been since before Covid.

I’m sure you’ll have a great time.


No PC today?

TAA Matip VVD Tsimikas
Bosz Macca Jones
Mo Darwin Lucho

Jones wasn’t great against City, but Gravy missed his chance to impress this week.
Normally, that team should be more than good enough to beat Fulham, but we all know that we sometimes underperform in this type of fixture. Let’s hope it’s not one of those days and we grab the three points.



Is he a RB or Midfielder Trent
Loves a cheeky prank does our Matip
The best there ever was and ever will be aka big Virg
We call him the Greek scouser Kostas but he really didn’t Kostas much at all.

He’s a world cup winner for the blue Argies but has a Scawtesh name does Mac
The sexy 6ft tall Hungarian wizard whose name most fans STILL can’t pronounce, Szoboszlai
Tough choice to partner them but I have no doubts about the Grav…and mcchicken noodle soup.

Who the fuck do the Saudi’s think they are…trying to poach our Salah on deadline day.
Some call him mad, some call him crazy, some call him chaos, I call him a world class striker I wouldn’t swap for any other, it’s NUNEZ! NUNEZ! NUNEZ!
The man that has his father by his side again and looks stronger and hungrier as ever, scoring headed goals for fun is our Lucho.

N joy

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Now, we play 3 PL games in 6 days. So (as it is customary under Klopp during congested December schedule) we can expect a decent amount of rotation in the starting lineup for every game (like 4-5 changes between those games). Which should not be a concern as we have a good squad depth. I would guess the only lads to start all three upcoming games and possibly even play the full 90 in each of those games are Kelleher, VVD and Mo (and the latter could still be subbed off if we lead by two or more goals around the 80th minute).

Only question marks might be RCB, LCM and perhaps up top (less so).

I would prefer Konate, but Klopp said last night that the medical team said limited minutes, maybe he needs a bit more time to regain match fitness.

In midfield, we’ll probably go with Jones. Noticed against City that we tried to help Mac by having Jones a bit deeper than Szobo.

Gakpo was more aggressive and concrete last night, but Nunez up top.

A bench of: Adrian, Matip, Quansah, Gomez, Endo, Gravenberch, Elliott, Doak, Gakpo.

Will be taking plenty !!

I’ll try the Albert - Guinness drinkers here!

Klopp’s probably having a lie in

Get a full breakfast in, then head over to the pub bright and early if you want a seat

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Say it @PeachesEnRegalia !

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