Pre Match | Midtjylland vs Liverpool | CL Matchday 6 | Wednesday December 12th 17:55h | MCH-Arena



Both teams got screwed a bit. The VAR checks just pretty much ended the game, after the first one there seemed to be more minutes standing around doing nothing than actually playing.

Didn’t like the approach from Klopp. Either go for the win or rest everyone, that little halfway house was crap. I’d personally have preferred to see a youth team get spanked than all our senior players start or come on when they’re all clearly trying to save themselves for important games.

Ah well.


Kostas might have a knee injury unfortunately.

Clarkson looked like he tired. Found out the difference between boy’s and men’s football today.

The ref was diabolical and so was TAA and Jota’s passing.


David Sylvian was shit too, but he sort of made it :wink:

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Salah plays 90 minutes in a meaningless fixture. I just don’t get it.

Trent needed minutes and hopefully all good with him - but after playing 90 minutes maybe Jurgen is starting Neco against Fulham.

@Arminius being the most senior Officer on deck, you have to do the post-match!!!

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Not getting you. I must be dim.

Klopp wanted to win, that’s why they played. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to play well enough tonight. Not a crisis though. Just a bit less cash for the club and less honour.

Why less cash?

You get 2. something milion pounds for winning a group game.

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He was the lead in that band Japan😃
He had well coiffured hair.

It was valuable Champions League experience for the youngsters.

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Really? Never knew that.

I suspect Salah played 90 because he’s starting on the bench versus Fulham so he’s well rested for Spurs.

Not like it was high intensity or anything.

Indeed, the Champions League is super lucrative for lesser clubs. Rosenborg in Norway built up a long term dominance in the 90s from Champions League money.

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Agreed on Clarkson. He started the match valiantly but faded to dust by the final whistle. Big jump for him physically but valuable minutes.

Regarding Taki, I am one of the very few that believes in him, but I will say this, it’s not been a great career move for him. He’d been better served staying at Salzburg getting regular first team minutes and continual development. He’s sputtering. And he plays like a youth player: runs fast, loads of energy, with no real sense of direction or purpose. Also overthinking. I love him as a player but it’s not been a great fit, for him or for the club.


If winning is the rationale, are we saying this game was more important than some cup games we play? Because we do not feature these many starters there.

I can understand Klopp has much more data to analyze the fitness and take these decisions, it just makes his claims of scheduling and players not getting rest not to be taken seriously anymore. That’s all from my personal perspective I wanted to avoid. Injuries as well ofcourse, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

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Probably more important than a league cup game to be honest, unless it is a semi final etc.
And yes, but he subed on impact players.

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