Pre Match | Midtjylland vs Liverpool | CL Matchday 6 | Wednesday December 12th 17:55h | MCH-Arena

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@Sweeting add two youngsters and put the 11 into a possible formation.

Maybe Ox can come on from bench.

The rest + Klopp should stay at home.



I’d play Caoimhin instead of Adrián; give him a run of games to keep his confidence high.


No because if we rest most of our senior players we will clearly concede (maybe even multiple goals) and that wouldn’t help Kells.


Clarkson for Jones and we are good to go @GermanRed.
Edit I think VDB has a knock and Billy was subbed off at half time yesterday for u18’s.


That’s the spirit!


I would rest Curtis, he has played four consecutive games.


Adrian (rest Caoimhin, can’t knock his confidence)

Neco (more experience to give him)


Sepp? (On better form that Billy this season)




Cain (good form for the 23s, could also put clarkson here)




Subs: U23s

Clarkson and Cain should play in midfield. Two of the best u23s and both have been on the bench a number of times now.

Liam Millar should play on the left. Pacey, direct forward who’s done well for the u23s this season.

Hopefully Sepp can play with Williams, if not it’ll probably be Koumetio who’s been really bad for the youth sides this year. Tom Clayton the other option.

Hopefully some of the younger but more talented boys get a place on the bench such as Norris, Stewart or Balagizi.

Looking forward to watching this game with nothing riding on it, can sit back and enjoy it.


Does Liam Miller qualify for selection.

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As long as Gini and Robbo are nowhere near the team I will be happy. They have more than deserved a few off days. Let Clarkson and Cain get a runout.


Trent, Keita and maybe Shaq and Milner to get some minutes. Could even play Trent in midfield with Neco keeping his place at RB. Other than that who knows?
Gini, Robbo, Matip, Fabinho, Henderson are the 5 who should be nowhere near this, shouldn’t even travel.


None of regular first team figure.

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Probably easier to say who shouldn’t play, and that’s Kelleher, Matip, Fabinho, Robertson, Gini, Hendo, Jones, Jota, Salah, Bobby and Mane.

Fancy Keita and Trent to get half an hour.

I’d also send Inglethorpe and let Klopp stay at home. Fuck BT Sports.


One thing I already know is that Klopp will play a more serious side than what fans expect/want.

But yeah, I expect basically a whole new team. Though not all kids. We have players who need a game and I know people don’t like to hear this, but the XI also needs to make sense even in a meaningless game like this. There are no such games when we’re a side like we are, even when we change 11 players. Young players also need a bit of help.

I guess Adrian gets a chance here in case Ali is not ready to return for Fulham, so we keep Kelleher safe for that one.

Probably Neco Williams at RB, though Trent will probably be on the bench and possibly get some minutes again.

Rhys Williams is sure to start and then we’ll see what we do alongside him. Koumetio? Possibly. Both him and Berg didn’t look good from highlights, but Koumetio was on the bench against Atalanta, so I guess he has the advantage over Berg. Hopefully the kids can handle it if they start together.

Tsimikas actually showed some nice touches against Atalanta, I’m looking forward to seeing more of him. Technically a decent player.

Keita, Minamino and Origi all probably start. We’ll see in which structure, surrounded by which other players, in which positions, etc. Clarkson and/or Cain certainly with a good chance to play. I think Jones will still be involved on the bench and possibly play some part.

Maybe Ox on the bench? Who knows.


I would start

Williams Williams vdBerg Tsimikas
Cain Clarkson Keita
Origi Minamino Millar

But I think Klopp will start

Williams Fabinho Williams Tsimikas
Keita Henderson Jones
Origi Jota Minamino


Cain is left footed, right?

Inglethorpe doesn’t manage the U23 team, he is the Academy Director. Barry Lewtas is the U23 manager would take charge if Klopp skipped a game.

Yes, I wasn’t thinking in depth about those two midfield roles. Cain would probably be on the left of the three.

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Funny I was at the Dinamo Zagreb v Liverpool UEFA Youth League game 2 seasons ago. Got in there a bit early to watch the warm ups and got the starting line ups from Liverpool’s camera guy right in the centre of the stand. Inglethorpe appeared with his assistant(?) just as the game was about to start and sat two rows right below me. Thought I’d just come over for a sec at HT or FT to shake his hand, say I’m a Liverpool fan, thank him for the good work and wish them all luck… but I hesitated (as usual!), didn’t want to bother the guy (as usual!) and the chance was gone. Plus, he left his place about 5 minutes earlier in both halves. He was on the bench with Lewtas and co for extra time and penalties.

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would anybody here honestly be that upset if a few of us in here made Liverpool debuts in this game…

ill play upfront, happy to play as a lone striker, or in a two, so long as i get to keep it simple and get the obvious tap ins (like my posting style, obvious, simple, nothing revolutionary but a stat is a stat) , SBYM i can see in the number 10 role, he seems to be good at make things up, , ISMF centre of defence, strategically and calmly analising every move, and Arminus and Limie in the centre of the park, with PTT on the right wing and Jaffod on the left…Illok has to be a fullback, flawless yet not showy…

Kopstar can play where he ;likes so long as he’s in the refs ear, debating every decision…

anyone else want a run out?

no need to apply @scottjones we want to finish the game with 11 players mate…maybe next time…