Pre-Match | Sheffield United vs. Liverpool | PL Matchday 26 | Sunday February 28th 19:15h | Bramall Lane

Must win game.

No jokes about ‘the most important game of the season’ because this is the most important game of the season.

No bullshit about trashing them cause they are shit - we have been shit for 3 months.

TAA Phillips Davies Robertson
Ox Fabinho Wijnaldum
Salah Firmino Mané

Not blaming Thiago or Curtis for anything but maybe their style of play is not what we need right now. Need to get back to what we’ve been doing in the last 3 years.



Like the lineup but… Firmino needs to be dropped. He’s been shite for about a year now.

Question is, with whom do we replace him? Jota is out; Taki’s on loan; Origi has been wank for ages too.

What’s Beryl up to? :thinking:

I’d also have Naby instead of Ox, assuming that he doesn’t pick up an injury brushing his teeth this week.



Kabak - Philips - Davies

TAA -----------------------------------------Robbo

Thiago --------------- Wij

Shaq ---------------------- Salah -------------------- Mane


If you’re going three at the back, then Shaq can get his favoured number 10 position rather than stuck out wide right. Put him between the lines feeding Salah and Mane.

But the three will mostly be defending a lone striker, with 10 others in their own half. I’d much prefer two of Kabak/Nat/Davies in CB. Think Nat should get the nod as good at heading, which will be much needed.

If Keita was on bench in Everton game, then should be ready for the next game. Would prefer him to progress with the ball from midfield.

Anyway, a gap till the next game, so much work to be done on the training fields, and see if Henderson can recover quickly.

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Just fucking win what ever 11 goes on the pitch put that round thingy in the fuckin net a few times, good lads.


beaten again no doubt,

regardless of who plays where,


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Isn’t Fab back in training so maybe he will be ready, Keita also. Just switched on the Sheffield Utd game before half time, apparently they never managed a shot on target or touched the ball in Fulham penalty area.

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We shall overcome this sh*storm. Patience is a virtue.


We are due a bit of luck sometime soon.


A must win. If we don’t win, Champions League is done. Goodbye, say goodbye to Haaland, Mbappe, the likes. Need to win.


Trent. Phillips. Davies. Robbo.
Curtis. Naby.
Salah. Oxlade. Sadio.

Kabak I’m not convinced, give Davies a run out. Phillips has been one of my players of the season, not hard to win that award but never let us down.

Still not sure on Thiago . Obviously a player but not sure if he suits what Jürgen needs of a lad in our middle. We need energy to allow our wide men to just be more lazy and stay up top. Thiago doesn’t cover like that. Fabinho in the midfield might help though if he does start. Which he will I’m presuming.

Bobby has been shite for 2 years in all honestly. 1 goal at Anfield last year was papered over with our league win. Just coming to the forefront now we are shite. Seen Jürgen put Ox on in Bobby’s position before off the bench and he got an assist. Albeit against Crystal Palce in a 7-0 win but promising enough


Probably a smart move. Ox looks out of his depth in the wide positions, and in midfield, fails to do the simple things. Putting him in the false nine position would allow him to be between the lines and his defensive deficiencies in tracking back would then not be a factor. Worth a try.

As it is, Ox is a shadow of his former self pre that injury few years back. The new position may get him some licence to allow him to do what he does best.


Yeah I’m not a massive fan of the Ox to be honest but this could be a good place for him. Don’t think he’s cut out for midfield. Don’t even think Arsenal were putting him there when he asked. Got moved to right back then he demanded to leave.

He can shoot, which Bobby (let’s face it) cannot. He struggles now to get about quickly which can be covered for in the false 9. He’s still technical enough for it unlike Origi for example. Might aswell try it, not a lot of options really for us


The only reason we have a sniff of a chance of top 4 (70+ points, 30 more from 13 games) is keeping Mo Salah fit and getting him into goalscoring opportunities. That’s why of course he’ll be the next to get injured in this game against Sheffield after scoring a couple of great goals first half, just to underline how much we’re going to miss him…

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How about trying something completely different? Like a 3-4-1-2.

Davies, Kabak, Phillips at CB with Trent and Robbo pushed 20 yards further upfield to try and re-create what made us so good offensively in the good old days. Fabinho, if fit, and Tiago in the middle. Shaqiri in the hole with Mane and Mo up top. Bobby needs taking out of the firing line for a few weeks, until the Leipzig game at least.
None of the above will happen in a million years but I’d love to see it. Really don’t want to see us lose to these clowns given the war of words earlier this season.

Just remembered Keita is back. If he doesn’t pick up a season ending injury in training then he’s nailed on to start imo.
I’m not going to lie, he’s not my favourite player by any means, but if he can put a run of games together he might prove to be the difference.

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What do you guys think of Thiago? I know he is an intelligent and talented footballer but, he hasn’t really helped the team much. I don’t know what to think regarding him.

Also, now Hendo is injured, who will take leadership responsibilities on the pitch?

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Been mediocre since he arrived, I know he was bought in to play with Hendo and fab in midfield and now he is kilnd of playing their role, he seems to need to much time on the ball and poor at tackling, we probably see the real Thiago next season.

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Thiago is garbage because he isn’t single handedly carrying this injury ravaged team on his own. Championship level CB’s behind him, no Hendo, Fab or Keita alongside him and although the stats show he is the most progressive passer in our team has three forwards in front of him who couldn’t score a shag in a brothel atm. But lets ignore that and bin him and put some guy in who can run all day but doesn’t have the skill of even Thiago’s little toe because that’s what a Klopp midfield needs apparently… :man_facepalming:


Just want to see some fight. Leipzig aside and City to a degree, we’ve been too passive and too conservative. We’re making it easy for the opposition. Put them under pressure, force mistakes, take some risks. Anything would be better than playing again without belief looking dejected and resigned to another shit result.

If we are to miss out on the top four, at least go down swinging instead of going out with a whimper.


I would really, really, love to see two CB for a change. And since Thiago and Firmino aren’t contributing as expected, I don’t see any harm in dropping them either. Hopefully at least two of Fabinho, Wijnaldum and Milner will be available for the game. So fitness permitting, I would like to see

TAA Kabak Phillips Robertson
Wijnaldum Curtis
Salah Mane

To be fair to Tiago, he hasn’t had a preseason with the team and he was put in at the deep end.
I still think he should be given a chance though l.