Pre-Match | Tottenham v Liverpool | PL Game 20 | Thursday January 28th 20:00h | TH Stadium

Hope we can leave most negativity out of this thread (there are enough other threads).

We’ve won the last 6 games against Spurs. Would be so great to make it 7.

AA Matip Fabinho Robertson
Henderson Thiago Wijnaldum
Salah Firmino Mané

Go hard. Go wild. Be direct. Press high.



If we lose this, you’re off match thread duties.



Are you saying what I think you are saying :wink:

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Fingers crossed Matip and Henderson are back.
maureen will park the bus again and play counter attack so we got to be solid at the back and put our chances away.

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Never been more confident of winning a match.


Another match a different mind set. Smash the spuds!


FIFY. :smiley:


I was thinking of the grammar Ssss-Mash, S-mash … ? Just kept it simple. :grinning:


If Hendo can make it, which I hope he can, then I’d play him as the #6, put Gini at RCM (though he didn’t protect our right side well enough against United tonight) and Thiago at LCM.

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I hope Wycombe Wanderers kick a few Spurs players tomorrow night and ‘Arry’ gets sent off.


I think we will get fingered :sleepy:

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Textbook Monday morning.

Broke my fav LFC mug.

Forgot my keys at home so I had to walk to my parents (they live in the next street) to get the replacement keys and it wasn’t even 6 in the morning.

Week can only get better, right?


What’s the news with Matip ?

If he’s out again then we can probably forget about getting anything from this game.


Think Klopp didn’t want to risk him yesterday.

The fact that we did not hear anything about Hendo is a big concern IMO.

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Was going to put something on the United post-match thread but it is not a happy place to be. However, I was quite encouraged by a few things yesterday. We were creating (and scoring) chances. The defending let us down but we know that we are threadbare at the back. I am hoping Matip will be fit for the next game.

Has anything been said about Hendo’s absence? The fact that nothing has been said makes me worry that it is Covid. Hopefully, there will be an update later this week.

Key with this game will be the full backs. Matip-Fabinho will do us. If it’s one of the younger lads I’d go with Philips over Williams. I don’t think either of them are ideal for this but Philips does have that extra bit of experience.


ROFL :rofl:
More of these posts please. I’m sick and tired of all the doom and gloom of late.


We will be playing against 13 man on Thursday.

Referee: Martin Atkinson
VAR : Jonathan Moss


Henderson is key, Protect the right side, drive the lads forward, and also be chatting to the ref to point out all the things when Spuds do the Jose TM time wasting and dark arts.

Jose will love getting one over Klopp. He’ll be working on our weaknesses all week, drilling it into the players. Obviously will target our right side. Matip needs to be back to partner Fab. Alison needs to shake off the last match and be ready.

Jose will be looking for all soft fouls in our half so can swing it in to Harry Kane and co. Expect a lot of direct balls, along with runners from midfield in support.

The front three should be Mane, Bobby and Salah. Let’s smash them 0-2.

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If everyone is fit, I think it will be this.

Trent Matip Hendo Robbo
Thiago Gini
Salah Firmino Mane

On paper, that murders Spurs. On form, not so sure.


Interesting you’ve decided to take Fabinho out of defense. Any particular reason?