PreGame | Crystal Palace - Liverpool | PL Matchday 25 | Saturday February 25th 19:45h | Selhurst Park

Must win game against one of the teams we were not able to beat in the first meating of the season.

Palace form a home is another concern for us

TAA Matip VvD Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Bajcetic
Salah Firmino Nunez



Palace haven’t won a game yet in 2023.

If we can’t beat them, we might as well give up.


The last hing I would do is start Henderson and Fabinho again, seen enough of them for the month Februari, come back in March.

Yeah Keita starts for at least one of them, I’d probably start Milner for the other.

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Matip and Keita have to play this.

Suppose tonight didn’t tell us much new.

We can compete with Newcastle and teams like that, are clearly better than Everton but our confidence is shot and our team can’t deliver at the top.

Unless something drastically changes we will struggle against similar sides in our league.

Luckily only in form good teams are at that level. The major issue is confidence but you play to improve on that.

I don’t think the first 45 was a bad performance one of our best in a while and they need to build on that as that will be enough in some games.

We’ve got enough to qualify for the Europa, confidence levels would suggest it’s not going happen beyond that but let’s see.

Just get this miserable season over with. Anything but an embarrassing loss like we’ve almost made a habit of doing this year would be a bonus.

Why don’t you pop off now and we’ll see you in September. You’ve nothing to offer except relentless negativity in every thread. You clearly don’t support the team.

Really, that soon….?:confounded:

Your negativity also suggests you better change your name

Win. Three points. Top four is there to be taken!

Real Madrid are European champions. We got a lesson tonight. But most teams would struggle against them when they are like that.

Our next great team is being rebuilt. Hopefully the engine room is overhauled in summer. At least.

In the meantime we have Premier League points to collect. I think Keita can do a good job here, and Nunez and Gakpo are starting to rise up too.

Three points please you red men. I think we will do that,

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I suggest Posts-AllMightyShite.


Hoping for any kind of win but after the shit-show they’ve put on, it’s hard to see them not folding again.

Realistically, it could be a while before we see another 3 points.

Perfect opportunity to get (them?) into form…

I rest Bajcetic for this. Bring him off the bench if needed. Unfortunately, I can’t think of who to bring in. Is Thiago likely to be fit? Is Keita likely to be bothered? Is anyone else any good?

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Milner Keita

Have you seen our fixtures after the international break … :scream:

Not much hope here, 3-1!

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Loads of criticism of the team for losing the mentality monsters focus. Have a look in the fucking mirror lads.

2-0 to the reds. Nunez and Salah.


I think we can win this game we are better than the pub side of a fortnight ago regardless of last night, we competed for 45 last night.

We weren’t even competing a fortnight ago. We may regress, we may come out ready to make amends. I really don’t know.