PreMatch | Liverpool vs Sheffield United | Thursday April 4th 19:30h

This being the middle game of three Prem fixtures in eight days, there’ll be some rotation. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Mo on the bench for this one.

Though we do well coming back from behind, a game where we take the lead and see off the game is ideal. Last thing we need is tripping up a home game against Sheff Utd of all teams. A professional performance should see us through nicely.

Yes, it would be nice to rack up the GD, but the main thing is the 3 points. With Shitty and Arses coming through with wins, we need the same.

I expect Tsimikas will come in, and will be Gomez and Bradley rotated for the RB spot. Maybe the same for Endo and Alexis to share the minutes.


I knew you’d get my drift! :grin:

Really hope we go at them like rabid dogs and eat into the Arsenal GD.


I’d rather we kept our composure and played an intelligent, methodical game. We can beat our opponents more easily that way.


Bradley Quansah Virgil Tsimikas
Szoboszlai Mac Allister
Salah Nunez Diaz

I have a feeling that Endo is going to wrapped up in cotton wool for United, which means we have a vacancy at six. Mac Allister could play there, but I think Gomez will get the nod there on the basis that a) these are shite, b) he’s been the more recent option, c) Mac might be more needed breaking down a deep defence, d) keeps his rhythm for United.

I’d like a lot of our lads off on sixty presuming the game is done.

Surely there would be a question of the overall picture? We could either have Gomez, Mac Allister, and Szoboszlai, or have Mac Allister, Szoboszlai, and Elliott. It feels like Jürgen definitely wants to keep the whole theme of at least one full-back tucking into midfield, so either Gomez will play left-back and therefore that role, or Bradley will have to do that. I’m not sure I’ve seen Tsimikas attempt that yet?

Arrived in Liverpool and got tickets!
Any idea where team does their walkabout?


Tsimi did that a little bit in pre-season, yes, coming into midfield from LB.

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How did you get the tickets?

Enjoy the match and sing like crazy :slightly_smiling_face:


Hit refresh every 30 seconds for the past week :joy:. Still some dropping


Take and send loads of pics

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Lucky bugger…let us know where u are…njoy…wait for YNWA… and the goosebumps…




That’s a good point. Bradley has definitely done it, but I think he is better stretching play with his runs and getting wide.

Lower Main. Lovely day in Liverpool. Need to slow down on the outdoor pints!


Enjoy your day, you lucky bugger!


In Taggy’s if any TAN folk around!

Rumoured side has Ibou and Grav in for Quansah and Endo otherwise unchanged.


Just had my teeth cleaned. So I’m ready to smile.

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