PreMatch | Liverpool vs West Ham | PL Matchday 6 | Sunday September 24th 14:00h | Anfield

I thought he was pretty good last night. I mentioned in the match thread that his game is becoming more well-rounded, he’s doing a lot for the attack aside from goals, and his runs are less erratic now.

I think he is part of our best xi, and I like a front line of Diaz/Nunez/Salah, with a midfield of say Mac/Szob/ and one of Grav/Baj/Jones. Probably Baj for the stability, but we’ll see how that progresses. I liked what I saw from Grav last night. Endo feels like a squad option for right now.

Nunez is the type that we’ll have to put up with some big misses a lot of the time but it’s worth it because he does so much for the general attacking play, and he still commands one or two defenders on him, same with Salah. The front three of Diaz/Nunez/Salah are so dangerous when being fed by the likes of Trent/Szob, and once the team starts hitting their stride, we’re gonna be tough to deal with.


Both of them have performed well as starters too.

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How bout xmas ?

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Be like having a new player


He obviously is. We’ve created far more chances when he is on the pitch.

What games are you on about? We’ve scored 3 in each of the last two he started, he’s had a big hand in 4 or 5 of those goals. We scored two after he came on against Wolves, 2 after he came on against Newcastle.


You can already see with Nunez that he is being judged a lot by what he isnt rather than admiring what it is he does do. And I think that is at the heart of so much of the Gapko vs Darwin contention. They are such different players that I think a lot of people will find it difficult to view their performances for us outside of their personal stylistic preferences. If you are someone who likes what players like Gapko bring you’re going to spend a lot of the game finding fault with Nunez and vice versa.

Thankfully I think we now have 5 real quality players to choose from, all of whom are likely to get runs in the side and contribute.


By the end of this season we will count that as six.
Doak will be in the mix


I wanted to play devils advocate a bit.

But you play the ones in form. Not all 5 will be in at one time it’s a bit like the oh we should sell him or him not all three players will be in form at any one time.

I think Mo loves playing with Nuñez. Nuñez creates havoc. Defo in our best #11 for me.

The # was for Sithbare.


How about xbox? Only time he’ll play injury free.

Difficult for me to decide who is our best player for that central attacking role. Cody, Darwin, Diogo - different players. Different qualities.

Happy to have them all.


Spot on. They have an understanding that none of the other forwards do, and create a ridiculous amount of chances for each other.

Nunez should always be playing if fit, he’s miles better than Jota or Gakpo when in any kind of decent form.


Haha @Sithbare

Shouldn’t it be haha #Sithbare?

Getting married on match day. I hope my nuptials bring the reds good fortune.


If you cant convince your spouse to be, that there is an off-season, then you have 0% chance of convincing after marriage.

Congratulations and good luck to you sir!

Three points as a wedding present, from the mighty reds!


Who is? You are? Congrats man but if we lose you gotta get a divorce.

“Till Liverpool lose do us part”


Nunez puts pressure on the opposition CBs which in turn means those CBs can not gang up on Salah and make Salah look shit!