PreMatch | Man City vs Liverpool | PL Matchday 29 | Saturday April 1st 12:30h | Etihad Stadium

Team confidence at an all time low
Everyone injured
Struggling to make top 4
Seasons doomed
Everyone out

We win 4-0

It’s just how it is lol


They do it in their way and we do it in our way. It’s the style of both teams, which produces results in recent years more often than not.

Well, they are used to empty seats …

The Travelling Kop will still outsing the home plastics.

I have a feeling it will be another fucking draw against this lot. And that’s with my positive hat on. 1-1. Remember its an away game and we have a serious allergy to winning away this season.

Such a stupid move.

Just means Liverpool fans will be scalping tickets for spots in amongst City fans which will end in more problems when some dickhead does or says something stupid

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I read somewhere it is because of the pint pot of coins that were thrown at the last encounter

so now haaland is touch and go for this game. he might not make it.
all bollocks of course.
dont see us getting anything here other than a hiding but think we beat chavs and arsenal
city 3-1 lfc