PreMatch | Watford - Liverpool | PL Match Day 8 | Saturday October 16th 12:30h | Anfield

After two draws in the league I’m hoping we will go back to winning ways against Watford.

The next 4 games are all away - Watford, Atlético, ManU and Preston. I’d take the 3 points against Watford and draws in the next 2 without injuries rightaway.

Not feeling 100% confident because game after international break, early kickoff opponent with a new manager and the problem with our Brazil internationals.

Not even trying to predict a Starting11



Fuck that: three wins, please. We owe Atletico from the 2019-20 Champions League and United are gash.

As for this game, there’s a week to go still so too early to be making selection predictions.


Kelleher, Neco, Matip, Virgil, Robertson, Milner, Henderson, Keita, Salah, Bobby, Mane.

One slight bonus on this is bar the players who aren’t coming back for the game the rest will be back on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I also think we only lose two due to the changes.

FFS why you back on duty?

Hate the new manager bounce.

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Trent is available, right? I would try Gomez & Konate or either of them with Matip. Mane might be unavailable due to red-list complicacies.

Trent Matip VvD Robertson
Milner Henderson Thiago
Salah Firmino Jota

5 players who are not on international duty. Hope they are all ready.

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No news about him returning to training yet.


Re opening match day threads…

I have had an unbeaten run for the last four games of last season, and seven so far this season.
Plus two CL matches so far…

My belief was that whilst the opener remained unbeaten that the trend continued?

Not a big deal in the whole scheme of life, but certainly an ill mannered and impatient act by you.

  • I blame @PaulRoJo

  • you were too slow

  • we’re on course for 81 points atm which wasn’t enough to win the title in the last 5 years.

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As I said

Not a big deal in the whole scheme of things, but an illustration of the craving of instant gratification. Well done.

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At last some football!
0-3 to ‘us’!

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Already preparing myself for abject misery.

For what it is worth…
I think it was a bit shitty of you to take over the match thread from Quicksand in this manner…
As for the reasons/excuses…
a) If PaulRojo was so eager for the match thread then why hasn’t he posted yet…!
b) My understanding is that Q/S has always opened the thread with plenty of time to spare…!
c) If LFC are on course for 81points, then so is our challengers, so I don’t see the problem.!
Like I said and in the interests of harmony on the forum, If you wanted the thread, then why not wait your turn in a graceful and thoughtful manner…
Where you gonna go next if they get beat in this game…

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I am not superstitious but with a name like Quicksand I am just worried that in the long term, our team will sink into despair like in a Quicksand.

Sinking Days Of Our Lives GIF by Global Entertainment

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Lads. Little secret for you all

It doesn’t really matter who starts the threads.

Certainly not something to fall out over.


That must go for the post threads as well then… Just asking.!

That’s entirely different.

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no way bullshit GIF

I saw it on the internet


Next time someone jumps a queue, or cuts in on you I expect you will adopt the same attitude…
“It doesn’t really matter, go ahead”

Or call out the bad manners that it undeniably is.