Premier League 2021/22 (Part 1)

Premier League club summer fixtures


13 July v Hibernian
17 July v Rangers
25 July v Inter Milan, Orlando
28 July v Everton or Millonarios (COL), Orlando
1 Aug v Chelsea
8 Aug v Spurs


1 Aug v Arsenal
4 Aug v Spurs


25 July v Millonarios (COL), Orlando
28 July v Arsenal or Inter Milan, Orlando
7 Aug v Man Utd

Leicester City

24 July v Burton Albion
28 July v Wycombe Wanderers
31 July v QPR

Manchester United

18 July v Derby
24 July v QPR
28 July v Brentford
7 August v Everton

Tottenham Hotspur

17 July v Leyton Orient
28 July v MK Dons
4 Aug v Chelsea
8 Aug v Arsenal

Dallas signs a new deal with Leeds until 2024.

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‘Tenacious’ Amanda Staveley still wants to buy Newcastle and wants to know why the PL still hasn’t made a decision.

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The most glorified friendly is a stalemate at HT :sunglasses:

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I’d forgotten it was on.

Shows how much attention I pay to English matches these days, unless we’re playing.


BBC are doing their usual table predictor. Here’s mine

Link here


Interesting how many of those marginal call involved us.

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International window extended

Simon Stone

BBC Sport

World governing body FIFA has extended the international window by two days in September and October in South America, which could deny Premier League clubs some of their star men.

South America’s World Cup qualifying programme is still trying to catch up on the matches postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

An international window has already been slotted in for January in every Confederation apart from Europe, which prompted the Premier League to leave a weekend free in their fixture schedule, which acts as a winter break.

However, triple headers have also been scheduled in South America for the first two international windows.

Although FIFA rejected a South American federation (CONMEBOL) request for three additional days in their international calendar, it has agreed to two.

It means that matches can now be played on Thursday 9 September and Thursday 14 October.

Amongst the games scheduled for 9 September are Brazil v Peru and Argentina v Bolivia.

Due to the time difference, anyone involved in those games may not return to their domestic clubs until the Saturday, 11 September, when eight of the 10 Premier League matches are due to be played.

Thankfully those 8 games don’t include us

And at FT a satisfactory result, I suppose.
Makes you realise what we could have won by now if Brenda had stayed at the club…

Odd to see Man City vs Leciester not being picked for tv.


Have I ever told you how much I hate Internationals :rage:

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Always worth a laugh…


I love the panel with Rodgers as Homer skateboarding across the ravine :joy:


Was just about to post that! So much to like about this Squires!
Tuchel, Ferguson and Pep as an urchin were especially great.


Got mine horribly wrong :rofl:

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I always knew you are a closet Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club fan … :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a socialiser, apparently.

I’m a lifer.