Premier League 2021/22 (Part 2)

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New thread lets gooooo!!

First. (& previously last of part 1.)

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If Burnley can’t beat Norwich they are fucked, bye bye to the ginger one.

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Norwich beating Burnley starts to set the bottom 3 in place. Lampard is clearly a football genius.

Apparently WH were 1 player away from challenging for the league. MU were nailed on for top 3, with outside chance of winning. Chelsea won the league once already this season, so had MC. We were written off for anything other than top 4.

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Look at yourself in the mirror……that’s what a stalker looks like.

Zaha shouldn’t be taking penalties :man_facepalming:

We can go top for 20 hours with our next league game.

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We need to keep winning our PL games from here. United are fucking wank and their players have all downed tools, so we should twat them at home. The Ev should be another pushover, they’re fucking shite.

You just know that it’s coming down to the final day, Stevie has to get a result against City for us to win the league and complete our domestic treble, before it’s off to Paris to spank Real Madrid and complete the quad.


Simon Jordan is a massive bellend, but he just teed off on two dumb cunts banging on about LFC having more expensive players.

Apparently each point Pep has won has cost 400k more than JK.

Fuck some people are stupid.


Nothing new there then.

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I actually don’t mind him that much.

Yes he can be a twat, but at the same time, he brings an interesting perspective to TalkShite as he is the only person in UK sports media that has experience in the business side of things as an ex owner so can be quiet interesting and insightful


He is one of those who will bring up Man City’s expenditure.


And that’s almost certainly without factoring wages in the calculation.

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Ladies and gentlemen, i give you the Premier League


To be fair, most of the others have defenders playing in front of them.


Great point.

Have to say I fully agree with him. The level of bile and hatred that is directed towards players, managers and officials these days is sickening. I believe we all have a responsibility to call it out… for the most part the players are just young lads and don’t deserve this….what the hell has got into people.


When I hear people say I hope Henderson is injured (so he doesn’t play) on a bus to Anfield it makes me feel a bit sick.


There was a lady umpire at a small kids’ softball game over here, who was unprovoked punched out by a mom afterwards.

I ask your question almost daily.

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