Premier League 2021/22 (Part 2)

I am in my eighth decade. I was born to parents already in their 40s who were born before WW1. All four of my grandparents were born in the 1880s. All of them were dirt poor living near the docks in Bootle where I started life without a bathroom and an outside toilet. I am eternally grateful to all of them though in that they taught me good manners, to say please & thankyou.etc.I am no doubt regarded as a dinosaur but so much about modern life sickens me.

One example I saw recently was a much younger guy in an open top BMW drive into a full car park, circle the spaces and then take the only vacant one, a disabled spot next to the entrance and then saunter into the building. I had parked streets away and walked. I am certainly no paragon but basic decency costs nothing.


A cheeky piss into said open top would assist him with his manners.

100% agree with you.


BMW drivers isn’t it, enough said.

I drive one, but I’m not a cunt!

Mines has indicators too that get used


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Nothing wrong with BMW drivers :innocent:

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I really really really hope that this is a homemade gif, and this is in fact you.


It’s me dad.

Ha! I’m kidding, could you imagine?!

It’s @SBYM

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Hey, I own BMW cars, twice over.
I can say except for a few dickheads, we’re generally ok people. :grin:

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Dyche sacked by Burnley. Odd waiting 6 days to sack him.

Have you found your indicators yet? :grin:

So has his coaching team by the looks of it.

That makes Jürgen the current longest-serving manager in the Premier League.


One good thing about Dyche was his name. It’s a weird combination of dick, dyke and douche.

Hopefully he can go and get some antibiotics for that sore throat of his.

Perhaps Linda Lovelace can give him some pointers there. :joy:

Moronic. They weren’t completely out of it, they will be now. Plus, while he isn’t my favourite manager by a country mile, the organizational failings that have Burnley where they are not really directly attributable to him.

I suspect he ends up being a member of the Allardyce club of managers who get hired when someone gets fired, while Burnley will be fighting relegation to League One two years from now.


Leveraged buyout of the club, piling more massive debt on the club. Americans running it into the ground.

I wish I could properly source this quote, I read in the book “The Club” about the boom and growth of Premier League.

It was made by someone in top flight football; “never trust a business deal that comes with an American accent”

(FSG obviously not withstanding, and very much the exception to the rule)

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Brighton bossing the early stages v spurs.

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How can that not be red clear elbow