Premier League 2023/24 (Part 2)

Awful. You punish the weaker clubs like Everton and Nottingham Forest who can’t afford such penalties, but the ones of truly huge size and vast coffers, will just take a financial hit. It’s like fining a Pound millionaire the same as a junior nurse for the same crime. Absurd. When fines are not proportional to income, they can never be just.


The fines cannot be proportional to income when that income exceeds all reality.

This simply cannot happen.
There is no fucking justice, no morals, no hope for the game.


Maguire and Evans at the back for Man United, if Chelsea can’t bang in a few goals tonight they may as well give up :slight_smile:

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Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag says players are struggling to perform at consistent levels because they are being “overloaded”.

Honsestly, what a clown


Yeah half of their defence is injured.

Hopefully Evans picks up a red.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Antony gives away a pen.


Anthony the gift that keeps giving.

This game is hilarious.

The goal came from Onana jumping over the ball. There is Cucarela taking a shot from the edge of the box looking like a 7 year old kicking a ball for the first time. Garnacho looks like a bad bond villian who has melted his face off and replaced it with a skin mask to avoid being recognized.

Over half of his goals have been pens but he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

His shivering celebrating is really irritating too. I’d love to stick him in a straight jacket and give him a tombstone piledriver.

Fucking Palmer with the yak yak yak celebration, have that ya Mancs.


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SMS Message: On a flight from Manchester to New York, paid £24 for WiFi so I could listen to the match, game over after 20 minutes, United keep finding new ways to let me down! from Mat

SMS Message: Currently Sheff United are not the worst United of the evening. Wonderful progress. from Rich

SMS Message: Think it’s fair to say Man Utd have well and truly stopped playing for ten Hag. from Alex

2-2, fucking shite are Chelsea


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Chelsea 2-2 Man Utd

Another error by Chelsea’s £100m midfielder Moises Caicedo, who switches off again, but United can’t take advantage.


Varane not playing 2nd half due to injury -
Probably didn’t fancy playing against Darwin this weekend :0)

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That leaves them with Slabhead and Evans for Sunday. :slightly_smiling_face:

Geeky boy…best in england…can’t hit it over a manc…we should keep our young man quiet…



Post update

Chelsea 2-2 Man Utd

United defender Harry Maguire bursts into the box with the ball and hammers a shot over the bar from an angle.

Ally McCoist, on TNT, thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.


It is like the immovable object versus the irresistible force, except both are shite.


The movable object vs the resistible force.

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You all didn’t tell me you were here