Premier League 2023/24 (Part 2)

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I claim this one too.


spurs are fun and decent side

That’s never a fucking red man come on. Let’s not be silly.

Yeah, booting somebody aggressively on the knee with no intent to win the ball isn’t a red card. :expressionless:

Yeah, it’s mad you can’t just sprint up to an opponent and kick them with no attempt to play the ball without it being a red. Game’s gone, Jim.


It’s naughty and yes he goes charging in but in that instance a yellow would’ve sufficed.

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spurs have good depth and decent squad

I thought you had no interest in Premier League games that don’t involve LFC?

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Haha @cynicaloldgit

So you say. Of course we all believe you.

I think Spurs competing in the CL next season would be more beneficial in terms of the UEFA co-efficient than Villa or Newcastle. spurs have the quality in depth that the other two, and Man U, lack.

So, sorry Villa but the EL is where you belong.

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Fifth place will also qualify for CL this season.


That depends on us and Arsenal going as far as possible and buoying England’s co-efficient. West Ham and Villa need to play their part too for the Prem to that 5th CL spot.

Doesn’t at the minute.

Utd can kiss fifth goodbye then. Shame.

Well they are one of the reasons it’s so dicey.

My belief is that Arsenal may be playing the best football league at the moment, but they will finish third.

I assume that all the contenders will win their home matches with perhaps the exception of the ManC v Arsenal match. Then, you have to see who each side is playing away.

And in that, here are Arsenal’s remaining away fixtures

Man City
Man United

If they win the league with those away fixtures, all power to them. They’ll have deserved the title. But I don’t think that will happen.


The Arse have peaked too soon… we just need them to keep it up until they beat the Cheaters on the 31st