Premier League 2023/24

There’s more to it than that: it’s the Seagulls versus the Eagles. Avian supremacy is at stake.


The Canaries would say “lets be having yaaaaaaa”


And the Magpies are drowning in oil


“Hopefully he enjoyed his sandwich” :rofl: :rofl:

Huge blow for Wolves.

“Significant” injury galore, join the club.


With all the injuries (+ Salah and Endos absence) we have this season it’s a miracle how good we’re doing.


We seem to have rotated injuries and the youngsters when required have stepped up.

I think last weekend and a couple of others I’ve felt just get through this game and it should improve. I think that season when we went South it was the same team every week with a new injury.

All seemed patched up especially Fabinho in defence. Our form improved when we played actually CB in defence even if they weren’t as good as you’d expect.

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This is concerning.

I do think Palace should have not brought him back


Best wishes to Roy Hodgson. Hopefully he sees this as a sign to step down.

Everyone knows he was going to get sacked, but medical retirement sounds better.


Could have come a few days earlier to be honest.

Just makes Palace look a bit shit now. Kind of wish clubs would deal with this stuff better.

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I just hope Palace don’t beat us to Xabi.

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Not your common type of injury that’s for sure.

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I’m wondering if that was an accident or in training? It’s not a typical injury from playing.

Sounds like it was from playing, if the below from the article has anything to go but AFAIK it’s a pretty rare occurrence in sport, only time I’ve ever come across it was in wrestling.

"Wilson completed the game against Forest but used his shirt to make a sling at full-time.

“It was a strange injury. He got in a tussle with the centre-back at the end of the last match,” said Howe.

He tried to grab someone in the last game and could immediately see him pull up. It was not too unlike injuries you see in rugby after someone runs through an arm tackle

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Kamara out until October time and to further compound the misery at Villa lately “Defender Diego Carlos will be out of action for up to four weeks because of a hamstring injury suffered in training this week.”

Their first XI is stronger than commonly stated making this season’s form less surprising than most seem to think it has been. It would be a surprise if they dont suffer considerably from losing two such key players though.

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And do you rinse it between cleaning the floor and putting it on your head?

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I had a slight tear in this… you can’t breathe and struggle to get around.

If he is having surgery it seems far worse than mine which was stage 1 I think.

Fucking hell.

That was four days ago.

If I was a mod, I’d ban you.

Zinny taking his time to let the guard drop and giving his savage burn time to marinate. Then casually strolling in and cold clocking SBYM before sauntering back off from whence he came.

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