Preston vs. Liverpool: Kangaroo Cup, 19:45 Wed 27th October 2021

Midfield is the main concern. I think Curtis and Ox/Takumi will play but who will be the deepest (#6) midfielder with Milner also ruled out? Expecting one of Mane and Jota to start.

Neco Konate Gomez Tsimikas
Takumi XXX
Ox Origi Jota

Go nuts.


It’s the Kangaroo Cup… don’t jinx it.


Neco Nat Gomez Kostas
Ox Curtis Morton
Gordon Origi Taki


That’s why we’ve let junior forum member Iftikhar create, needs to prove himself before the big leagues :wink:


Hopefully Kelleher is available from his illness CM is going be a puzzle, if Milner and Keita look longer term than they seemed especially the former i wouldn’t risk Jones.



Neco Joe Nat Kostas

Morton Ox Some academy kid no one’s ever heard of who turns out to be the next big thing

Taki Div Kaide


Kelleher, Gomez, Tsimikas, Neco, Origi, Minamino start. Maybe Konate to build on his Utd performance?

Everyone else, and the bench from the U23s.

We can’t afford to lose any more midfielders. Henderson, Jones, Fabinho and Ox should be nowhere near this. Doubt Milner, Thiago and Naby will be able to play.

If what I’ve heard about Gomez doing midfield bits in training games are true, then we could see that?


Williams Phillips Konate Tsimikas


Gomez Balagizi

Origi Gordon Minamino

Something like that?

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You’ve missed our Captain.

It might be worth trying if we have done it in training. I’d like to win but the main for me is no injuries.

Added, although he isn’t currently injured.


Kelleher in goal, Adrian if Kelleher can’t play.

Williams, Konate, Gomez and Tsimikas back 4. No issues there.

I think Chamberlain starts for sure (depends where), Jones probably starts, Morton might start (or certainly come off the bench to provide minutes). We’ll see if that’s the midfield 3, if Jones is at #6 or Morton.

Potentially flip to a 4-2-3-1 with Taki helping out the midfield two as the single #10, also an option.

Origi and Minamino start for sure. Gordon involved for sure, if not from the start. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Mane on the bench as well.

Kaide Gordon has been injured, I doubt he’s starting this one. Wasn’t even on the bench 6 days ago when our u19s played Atletico.

I think it’ll be Jones and Morton in midfield +1. The youth options are Balagizi or Norris, though I doubt Klopp would want to start either. I think it’s more likely Neco Williams plays in midfield (as he has before for Wales) with Bradley right back than either of those starting.

Musialowski might find himself on the bench.

I’m going for

Kelleher (hopefully)

Bradley Gomez Konate Tsimikas


Williams Jones

Chamberlain Origi Minamino.

Edit: Mane might start actually, which allows Chamberlain or Minamino to drop back into midfield.


Jones will be needed v Brighton

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Cool, didn’t know that about Gordon.

Does anyone know if vdBerg is allowed to play?

I’m dying to see him at this RWB role in Preston’s back 3/5.


Someone help me get arsed about this one, please…

Must win game.


Nethier is Jones (hopefully).

I’ll smash you. Stop being shit.


Yeah, he should be ok to play.


That’s never stopped Klopp before.

He won’t play the 90 but I’d be surprised if he didn’t feature at all.

U23s are on later so we’ll have a clearer idea of who will be in the squad on wednesday.

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