Racism and all the bad -isms

I opened this thread because it’s currently diluting the football discussion in the champs league thread

I have not seen the psg vs basaksehir match. But from what i read i can’t understand why the players where so much triggered


Unless the mods move over the posts,no much chance.

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To get someone in trouble of course!

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John Barnes on the latest incident:






Ridiculous…my favourite historical period. If I could choose one period for time travel it would be Tudor London. I won’t be watching this though.


Why not,it’s not a factual drama is it? Did y’all get bent out of shape over Natalie Portman playing the role?

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Absolute nonsense.

Historical figures should always be cast correctly.


I don’t know how I feel about it. I can imagine the reaction if a white actor played Nina Simone though, given the reaction when Zoe Saldana played her.


It`s about a historical figure.
Did y’all get bent out of shape and scream racist when you read my post?

They are remaking BatMan as a BlackMan…

Oh how i raged about that :rofl:

BlackMan personally two fucks not given as it`s a fictional character and I may enjoy it.

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You mean by colour right? Or do you apply it to every actor in every historical movie? Americans can only play americans,English can only play english?

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Colour indeed would be the main one. Nationality would only be secondary and don’t see the issue there. Wouldn’t have an issue for English, American or vice versa.

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whilst my first thoughts are its a pretty poor casting job as Anne Boleyn was fair skinned, i suppose, if i try to understand the justification;

  1. no modern human would be a fair representation of Anne Boleyn, so why would we take issue with skin colour and not, height, weight, accent, linguistics or other such…

  2. the arts is a great industry to challenge ideals as its not held a commercial hostage like most other industries…what the arts is saying here, is, if we have truely/are truely trying to evolve to a point where skin colour is not a defining factor of a humans worth then why should it be less/more of an issue if a character is portrayed as the wrong height/compared to the wrong skin colour?

its a pretty cool thing in a way, i mean, i can 100% understand WHY it was done and WHY we arent yet ready for a ‘white’ Nina Simone…

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But then they’d be expected to at least try and imitate the accent. You know, for authenticity.


Seems like they should try and do a better job of portraying black history in film/TV than changing the race of historical figures to fit political messaging.

Having said that, it doesn’t bother me.


See that first line you typed?

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heres a question…

what if the black skinned actor nailed all her lines, perfected her accent and showed the fine balance we expect between Boleyans vulnerability and her agressive pursuit of the crown…

and the white actor delivered an acceptable portrayal whilst not hitting any of the heights hit by the black actor

which one is the better portrayal?

it also dawns on me as not irrelevant which actors were allowed to play the role when Billys play was first shown way back when…which is hardly irrelevant to the point being made

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I agree with the first part. We’ve had black actors playing Hamlet for years. I think we should be beyond the point where skin colour is an issue, particularly for fictional characters. The thing is though, the casting of Saldana as Nina Simone showed that it’s still an issue. Saldana isn’t white, she just wasn’t black enough.

I mean, if it’s about BAME actors being marginalised because even BAME roles are being given to ‘white’ actors then that’s totally wrong. If it’s about accuracy/authenticity then I think that’s more pertinent when it comes to actual people in history than fictional characters.


not really relevant though, as the industry is MORE than capable of doing more than two things at once… you cant fall into the trap of dismissing this as not worthy of debate because more should be done elsewhere…

also, as for the gent who Leo clapped you in the next post…probably be the first to complain that the film industry isnt representative of the population and is over broadcasting the issue…

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