Racism and all the bad -isms

if a beer is filtered, it can remove some of the carbs from the beer without removing “as much” of alcohol content. Hence why a Coors Original is 5.0%abv, 147cal. Coors light is 4.2%abv, 102cal. so a 40% drop in cal, yet only 15% drop in abv%

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Off topic, but are there any beers that you would recommend which have a ~5% ABV but are still low in calories ?

Really lads, this is getting embarrassing. The original topic of this thread is extremely serious, and now we’re discussing alcohol content in beer?
That’s not right.

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honestly, I don’t think they exist. I’ll add to this.

alcohol content comes from the yeast consuming the sugars in the beer mash, which comes from the cooking of the crushed grains in water. light beers generally have a lighter roast on the grains and a smaller amount of them in the mash to keep the calorie content low, thus a lower alcohol content.

Some breweries will brew a higher-abv batch then force the beer through a filtering system to remove some of that mash from the beer, resulting in a “lighter” beer.

a backstory on this… when Covid happened there was a large amount of kegged beer in storage which wasn’t saleable as all the bars and restaurants shut down. So to get their excise taxes back from the government (which have to be paid at time of production), the breweries were sending trailerload of kegs to a facility which runs the beer through a centrifuge which separates the particulate from the water. the water is then released into the drains and the particulate (looks like mashed potatoe) gets collected into bins and shipped as animal feed.

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Fixed, for accuracy


Alcoholism is in line with the topic

Fascinating. I cant vouch for the accuracy of the points the speaker makes but there’s certainly things to think about.


Worth pointing out in response to this the pics surfacing this week of key bud light antagonist kid rock drinking bud light.

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I find this whole “genre” of online racist abuse puzzling. What is there to be gained by the perpetrator?

I have on occasion wondered at the psychology and or the lives led by these people and can only ever came away with the thought that they lead empty, unfulfilled and, ultimately, wasted lives.


Just supporting Everton, is a wasted life.

Guys, he really is such a deep thinker


What the fuck?!

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The guy lost the plot quite some time ago. Went on some mad diet that nearly killed him IIRC. Now he’s a parody of himself, sadly.

Yeah, all meat. Friggin’ moron. The benzodiazepine addiction probably didn’t help either. I have heard from Toronto friends that his relations with neighbours have completely collapsed. He is a few cats away from being a crazy cat lady, basically.

All the more shit because of what he made his daughter follow as well

I think it’s actually the other way round. She was really ill and a specialist suggested it for her. She was much better on it so he tried it to his detriment.

He claimed it worked well for him initially.

I suppose cutting out all the shit in your diet will do that for a while.

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that’s got to be tough, when your Sri-Lankan immigrant parents move to a predominantly-white country to give you an opportunity at a better life. Then notice that there’s a lot of white people at your job.