Random log out messages

I’m currently in the leeds pre match. While typing in replies i get some random logged out messages and get taken out of the thread


Yes its the first big test of the server, it shows I need to upgrade it to a faster one.

Would really help me if others could let me know if it occured to them. (if server bumped everyone off or select users or regions)

Yeh, got bumped a few times

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Also kept happening to me.

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Happened and got the message, but didn’t have to sign in. If that helps.


Same here. Got that message about 8-10 times, but basically it just threw me out of the thread and I didn’t have to sign in again


Me too. Got kicked out of the thread but wasn’t actually logged out.

Out of the dozen times i had to log in once

Same as others. I got a logged out message, but I didn’t actually get logged out.

Got a few messages that the forum was displaying as it would to logged out users, dud to high load. Here’s a screenshot.

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Yeah, exactly this. It was more a case of getting kicked out of the thread than being logged out. Happened 6 or 7 times.

Got logged out once AND out of the Match thread half a dozen times

Likewise for me. As Mascot and Limiescouse said, I would get a log out message but it wouldn’t actually log me out, just sent me to the main forum list. Happened several times in the second half.

Same for me, at one point I stopped counting, it happened about every 3 to 4 minutes during the match. But I’ve been never completely out of the forum, only out of the thread over and over again.

Had this several times during the match. Assumed it was teething problems.

I think I know the solution.

Can I check where you guys all kicked out of the thread ? And redirect to the homepage ?

Did it only occur when you tried to write something ?

As per the others I got bumped from the thread with the message that I’d been logged out and needed to refresh but when I did so I didn’t need to log back in again but found myself at the main forum page.

Only one of these occasions happened when I was in the midst of writing a post. It probably happened to me about 3-4 times.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Its almost certainly a memory issue (running out RAM)


In such instances no redirection should occur, it should simply keep you on the same page, but in the same format as a logged-out user (default theme, cant see online posters and the text writing box). So wondering if also a second issue.

Yes, about 6 times. I forget where I was redirected to, I’m thinking same thread. Was in match thread. I did t have to log ba k in, just refresh.

BTW, what are your server specs/bandwidth usage? I have a VPS, but doubt it would be of much use.

PS, I think every instance coincided with a goal/defensive mistake.

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I have no clue on what set of softwares your are using. But throwing a dart blindly here - Maximum concurrent users reading/writing to the backend DB/Table.