Random log out messages

Hi Mods,

When I am reading a thread, for example the post match Leeds v Liverpool thread, I couldn’t find the page to read from the beginning. In the TIA, I could go down the page and click on previous or go back to page 1.

I have no clue how to do it on the TAN because I cannot see the page numbers. Please could you help me please, thanks.

If you are using mobile, it’s at the right bottom showing 31/31 for example in this thread and clicking on it allows you to navigate/ scroll on any post on top.


I didn’t know that. :blush: I would just scroll up or down. You are some genius mate. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Many thanks Colossal_centre_back. I usually use a tablet when I am on the TAN. For some reason yesterday, I was using my mobile and I couldn’t read the comments from the beginning of the thread as the page kept going back to the same position of the latest post. Maybe it was my mobile app.

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There is a dynamic scrolling function that does that, sometimes very convenient, sometimes dead annoying. Still figuring out to configure some of that.

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Much of the issues described is simply learning how to use the forum.

There are several very ways to navigate threads. On a computer on the right-hand side of your screen, you will see a scroll bar.

On the scroll bar in the image above if you can click on “6 Sep” to go to first post. Or “35m ago” to go to last post. These are buttons.

The scroll bar is also intelligent, move the bar and the date and number of the post changes. This makes it easy to navigate backward and forwards. (In image above the “111/113 14 Sep” is a dragable button, by holding down mouse button)

Alternatively use keyboard shortcuts

If you are on mobile bottom right corner is a post number eg 98/13.

Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 08.32.54

This is also a clickable button.

If you click on this just like on the desktop you get a scrollable button (even with a preview of the post- see below).

Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 08.33.59

The date numbers for first and last post are clickable buttons.

You also have the option, of using the “Jump To” button. This allows you to instantly jump to any post number, by for example type “1”


Just wanted to get a feel is this happened to people during the Chelsea match, and if so how wide spread/frequent it was.

Around 70th minute it said something like ‘you have been logged out’ but I wasn’t logged out.

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same here,didn`t seem to be a major problem.

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Only happened once today, but then again we were only playing Chelsea.

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Hello there… Been logged out, edit items marked with a cross, not edit post shown and not been able to read other posts from other forum members…

Never seen it so busy


Happened to be half a dozen times. The issue occurred while I was reading the match day thread. Clicking reload would put me back to my chosen main page (Latest thread).

It would have been a blessing to get random logout messages today.

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What I experience during a busy match like today’s is as follows. I can easily post messages. I find there are long waits between the message postings of others, sometimes a minute or more. Then twenty or thirty messages post all at once in a deluge. Speed reading through them made me feel sorry for that lad Joe Gomez. It was sort of the virtual equivalent of standing in the Kop while people around one shout in unison “For fuck’s sake!” then go completely silent, like Buddhist monks. Also, I got the logout message several times today.

Maybe we should just all watch the match rather than posting all at once in the pre-match thread.

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We (or rather, ISMF is) are going to be upgrading the server during the international break, should see somewhat better performance. I think we are actually seeing more traffic than TIA was in the past year or so - while the absolute number is still not as high, there appear to have been about 50 bots on average reading the TIA forums. Named and logged in accounts, it has been some time since TIA had the 70 we saw today.


Sorry lads, we have become victims of our own success. Yesterday we had 2000 posts, 292 users visits and 2500 likes.

We are averaging between 140 and 180 active users a day! Which is far more active forum than anticipated. Especially as we have not been advertising this place elsewhere :joy:

It’s really great to see, and I could see the trajectory, so will transition site to new provider in the next week or so.

Sorry for the slowdown and log outs. But we will have a big upgrade very shortly along with some other cool features :wink:


The glitches described above had a huge impact on the quality of my posting in the last 14 hours or so.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

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There I am!!!

Where are you??

And @Alright_Now posted a smart arse reply to every single one.