Reds in Canada eh?

I’m (hopefully) moving to Vancouver BC in the next week or so and was wondering about various supporters’ groups there.

That query led me here to the World Wide Reds section of the clearly superlative forum for supporters of Liverpool Football Club.

Seeing as there isn’t a thread for Canucks I thought I’d start one. Feel free to post anything related to the second largest country by land mass here.

I’d also appreciate it if anyone knows any LFC oriented pubs etc for watching matches in Vancouver.


I think @CanuckoLFC @Semmy @Arminius are leading the TAN chapter there.


Cheers for that. I know I’ve seen random mentions of Canada around, was a bit surprised to see there wasn’t a thread for Canucks.

@Semmy is your go-to for British California

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It’s difficult getting a pub to open at 10am in EST, it must be a nightmare on that end at 7am.

Imagine the 12:30pm (GMT/UTC) kick off! (I dislike getting up at 7:30am Eastern.)
Probably need pubs open throughout the dead of night for football fans in the West Coast.

Good morning!

a good place to start is the Liverpool OSC - Vancouver. it’s a club-recognized supporters club that is based out of the Butcher & Bullock pub in downtown Vancouver. Have been to a few matches here and there, is an hour’s drive for me. Give the FB group a follow and you’ll find lots of info and a little bit of bantz as well. OLSC Vancouver

There’s an annual membership to the OSC Vancouver (I think it’s $25, have to check last year’s receipt) which gets you priority past the door into the pub on CL matches as it will be packed. CL Final last year, they filled 5 pubs downtown (1000 folks) as the company that owns the B&B pub has multiple others in the area and are very accomodating.

Good bunch though, and the pub opens for every match even if it’s those pesky 04:30 kickoffs.


Perfect, thanks for this info!

I’ll definitely be giving them a look. May try for an “evening” match first.

It was technically easier here to get pubs that were open in Asia but those champions league matches being about 3-4am were a nightmare here, looking forward to those being the easier ones to watch (if not working/studying/etc).

happy to be of help. the CL Matches are all lunchtime here which makes it impossible for me to attend in person so I haven’t been since the new job. before, I had Sun-Tues off so I could go for the Tues games and they were a lot of fun.

Anyone here have Fubo yet? I guess I am going to subscribe, just wondering how it compares in quality etc. to DAZN.

I have an annual subscription to DAZN until February. Might go month to month for the CL knockout rounds, which would also pick up Six Nations, but it is going to be hard to justify for just the CL group rounds next year. I am not sure what the hell DAZN were thinking announcing a major price increase in parallel with losing what must be their biggest draw with the possible exception of their NFL package.

I’m going month to month, and then using vpn to get the CL games.

I really want to get a iptv private invite that works with tivimate, hint hint. Sick and tired of being molested by providers. Back in the day it was 1 service for pl, CL and cups, now it’s 2 to 3 subscriptions or packages.

Even 2 years(?) ago DAZN had PL, CL, and one of the Cups. Way too fragmented now. Rugby is even worse, almost one package per service.

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There is a soothing balm which you should rub on the affected area morning and night.

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I have it. Bought the year. Does the job. Lots of content, but will miss CL this year

How is fubo compared to dazn in terms of interface? I got dazn for the nfl mainly (bonus to get some football leagues and UCL) and it’s…fine I guess but quite annoying actually. No real search bar or way to “favourite” a team that I can see. They have nfl game pass on but the original product (nfl game pass which used to be its own subscription) was laid out much less confusingly, you could state which team you’d support and their games would show up first.

It basically forces you to scroll through whatever dazn wants you to see rather than giving you content you might actually want. For example I have to scroll past loads of “upcoming” before getting to replays. Is fubo similar?

TBH I haven’t had a lot of time with Fubo, but I haven’t found it that difficult to navigate thus far. DAZN one you figured it out, was predictable…Fubo has more content but less organized. Still has headers and a search function, it allows me to record all liverpool games via it’s DVR function (poppycock, just give two weeks for all content to be stored FFS.)…


What does the ‘following’ function do in DAZN? I have used it, but not really observed if there is a difference.

I had this set for LFC, and it would send me notifications whenever there was a game being broadcast.

Yeah, same. Just wasn’t sure if that also changed which games you saw at the ‘front’ of the interface.

My experience is that it makes no difference to that order. It’s one of the things I really hate about “modern” interfaces, basically they force you to scroll through whatever they want to get what you want. People accept it “cause it looks a bit like Netflix” but it is super annoying to me.

I can’t stand boxing but I have to scroll through it every time I want to watch the NFL on Dazn.

Actually I’ve found it worse than I thought too, if you want to watch a game that’s ongoing it will never bring you to the beginning of the game, always to where it is live. Super annoying if you actually planned to watch the whole match like a normal person.

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