Reds in Canada eh?

my brother and a few of our friends built the Shangri-La in Toronto. when they were living downtown at Richmond & Bathurst, just a stone’s throw from Football Factory. I watched a few games there.

The Toronto group used to have a great venue, now sadly gone. But they are still well-organized, meet at a pub I don’t know, right downtown. There is also a satellite group out in Burlington if you are visiting friends in the west GTA, though Burlington is fairly far out from Toronto.

Former Ottawa resident here: you might want to limit the city to one day. There’s the Parliament Hill and then the (not frozen yet) canal, that’s about it for this time of the year.

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Is it doable in a day trip from Montreal?

it’s a 200km drive, each way. maybe an overnight.

About 2 hours on the highway or the train, one way. It is doable, but it’ll be a long day.

Long time, no see. Hope you have been well.

Thank you for the kind message. I’m alive and well and still read the forum regularly.

It’s hard to join in and watch live matches now, but I’m thinking of venturing out this Sunday to 911 West Pender. Hope I’ll meet someone from TAN :slight_smile:

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whoa, hey. Didn’t know there were others on the board. how often to you get to the B&B? I’m good for 1-2 times a year

I just moved here back in August so this will be my first time. I currently live in the West End so it’s probably a sin not to go.

I’d join the pub only a few times a season solely for socialising purposes especially for big matches. I watched the CL final 2 seasons ago with Real fans in Ottawa, at least I got a friend out of that.

there’s a good bunch down there. I’ve been a few times over the years but I’m an hour east of you so it’s a commitment and the fucking parking is outrageous.

Let me know if the 2019 Madrid CL scarf is still hanging on the replica of old big ears above the bar. I donated it to the OSC after the win, Mrs brought it back from Spain for me she was there two days before the final.

I lived on Burrard in the West End during the 90s. Still love Vancouver. I had an opportunity to move back several years ago but turned it down for a variety of reasons. My family is on the Island. I’ll be there next weekend.

My dad was born in Port Alberni. Ex wife from Victoria. Have spent a lot of time over there. I could get used to it’s pace of life (and fishing spots) very quickly

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I don’t see any scarf hanging today.

Well at least despite the noise from Arsenal’s ground the pub is full of our fans. Hope we overturn this soon.


They just re-opened the B&B, flooded out due to a burst pipe during that cold snap.

That explains the sad state of the washrooms

I know Montreal and NY has official places to watch matches but are there any bars or restaurants in Quebec city to do the same? I probably will be there during the Palace match

Marsch has announced as the Canadian manager. Seems an interesting appointment.

I’m reading news of wildfires in Canada. Hope you guys are safe.

very remote areas, likely by lightning strikes

The government is already implementing campfire bans ahead of the long weekend which will be very disappointing to us campers.