Relegation Fight

Pick the teams that are going to be relegated.

  • Everton
  • Leeds
  • Watford
  • Norwich
  • Burnley
  • Newcastle
  • Brentford

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Leeds with the new manager bounce might escape this. Newcastle in all probability have escaped the relegation fight thanks the the oil money. Brentford still seem to have enough of a quality about them to get out of this.

Norwich and Watford seem certain to go down. The only toss up is between burnley and everton for me. I think it will be the bitters because they and their supporters haven’t had to face a relegation battle in quite a while. Also with their FFP constraints and Fwank being probably the worst of the managers of the above teams.

Norwich and Watford (fairly clear choices) plus Leeds for me.
Leeds losing against Leicester after dominating and having umpteen chances shows why they will go down: weak up front and much too open at the back. Not sure if Marsch has enough time to do enough about their naivety either. Sadlt Everton, Burnley and Newcastle all likely to have enough to stay ahead of Leeds while Brentford would have been my next choice if Leeds do improve but surely they should be able to cobble together a couple of wins and they should be okay.

                     Played GD Points

|14| Newcastle|26|-16|28||
|15| Brentford|28|-15|27||
|16| Leeds|27|-32|23||
|17| Everton|24|-13|22||
|18| Burnley|26|-14|21||
|19| Watford|26|-22|19||
|20| Norwich|27|-42|17||

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538 agrees with you, although they say Leeds are a 39% chance to go down, Burnley 37%.

They’ve got Everton at 24%… :eyes:

Whatever happens…it’s gonna be teet…

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Bit early in the season for anything to be decided about place 18 yet due to the tiny differences in average points per game for these clubs. In 7 games from now the picture will have switched and the points average will now mean the positions are clearer than at the top.

After watching Leeds yesterday I think they will be ok, very unlucky to lose. So my predictions are Norwich, Watford and Brentford.

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Bottom two for me l, if Marsch gets Leeds purring they will be save plus Burnley losing their last two (last one expected) doesn’t help them.

Everton will have enough but probably another season down there. Hopefully whoever comes up gives it more of a fight.

Just takes three wins out of the rest of the season for the likes of Leeds to be safe. One must win game for them is norwich. Watford away is tricky as welll though. While I do see Leeds as having that quality, I don’t quite know where they’ll get two other wins (apart from norwich)

Everton: 17th, 29 games, 25 points

United (a), Leicester (h), Liverpool (a), Chelsea (h), Leicester (a), Watford (a), Brentford (h), Palace (h), and Arsenal (a).

Burnley: 18th, 29 games, 24 points

Norwich (a), West Ham (a), Southampton (h), Wolves (h), Watford (a), Villa (h), Spurs (a), Villa (a), and SandCastle (h).

Watford: 19th, 30 games, 22 points

Leeds (h), Brentford (h), Cheaty (a), Burnley (h), Palace (a), Everton (h), Leicester (h), and Chelsea (a).

Norwich: 20th, 30 games, 18 points

Burnley (h), United (a), SandCastle (h), Villa (a), West Ham (h), Leicester (a), Wolves (a), and Spurs (h).


Everton have the toughest run in.

The easiest team in that list is Watford and they are struggling for survival as well.

Norwich are almost certainly relegated. Watford have a chance if they can get results against Burnley Everton & Leeds…

Everton and Burnley can talk about having a game in hand, but what game is Everton even looking likely to win ?


At a push , Brentford or Palace at home , maybe Watford away? You can forget the rest.

I would say Watford is their best hope for picking up any more points this season.

Watford away is difficult imo. Woy is well versed in relegation fights and tactically he is miles ahead of fwank as a manager. Plus watford have quality attackers who can hurt evertons non existent defenders.

Only teams who have nothing to play for are liable to slip up to everton by being lazy etc etc.

Yup I was thinking Palace and Brentford but the latter look better with Eriksen and the former are in a bit of form.

Last night was a massive must not lose and they lost, Norwich are gone and I think the appointment of Smith was part factored into that.

Everton: GP 36, Pts 36, GD -20
Palace (home), Arsenal (away)

Leeds: GP 37, Pts 35, GD -38
Brentford (away)

Burnley: GP 36, Pts 34, GD -18
Villa (away), Sandcastle (home)

Such a shame that the pricks from Stanford Bridge choked massively the other week, as I sadly don’t see Burnley and Leeds both getting enough points to jump the blue shite


Likes of chelski leicester and manures.

Those three had no business losing to the bitters


So serve them right that they lost the FA Cup Final by the skin of their teeth to our Mentally Monsters.

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Yup , they tanked most matches thinking to stay fit for the FA cup. Serves them right.

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I feel Leeds but I also feel both Burnley will get something in their final two.

The pressure will be heaped on Everton if they lose to Palace.