Relegation Fight

Everton safe, between Leeds and Burnley. I hope Burnley go down.

I also hope there is momentum in the Leeds and Burnley action against Everton, who appear to be using Covid to sweep a lot of financial bloating under the mat.

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Would be nice to see Leeds stay up somehow.

Bye bye, Burnley. Still, you had a nice run.

Rather Leeds than Burnley imo.

You guys are having a laugh. Leeds fans are amongst the worst around. Burnley staying up would have been far better.

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Leeds play good football Burnley play rugby :rugby_football:.

I won’t miss Burnley, nor will any other proper football fan I guess, apart those from Burnley.

So Leeds stay in the PL. Good on them, congrats. :+1:


Just voted, feeling confident.

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