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The Anfield Noise is a bit different to other Liverpool forums which run on the traditional forum software, so it can take some time getting use to the features.

Common questions include, how do I quote ? how do I set up polls ? How do I make a TOC?

This thread is to describe the mechanics of posting on TAN.

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Not sure where to put this, but will it be possible to move to a format where posts are set out in pages? It makes navigating a thread much easier than a huge endless wall of posts, in my opinion.



Sorry, that’s impossible, its simply how the software is built.

Infinite scrolling (automatic page-turning) is how almost all modern social interfaces are developed (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube etc)

The software is designed to take you back to the post you last read. It takes some time to get use to it, but there are different features that can help.

Like “Summarise topic button” in large threads (found in first post)

Or pressing # to jump to specific posts. Also it is much easier to scroll by date using the slide bar.

It takes some getting use to, its different to the traditional forum software but hopefully after a few weeks you will grow to like it :slight_smile:


In fact, until DoG mentioned it just now, I hadn’t even noticed that it wasn’t in pages!

It does feel quite slick to me.

  1. The eye symbol on TIA before logging in was very helpful imo - can we have this here too?

  2. The 20 characters thing was - especially during the game - very annoying. Think many posters will agree here.

  3. In TIA it was possible to quote and reply in a different thread. Can we do this here too?

For example if someone talks about Firmino in WHO WOULD YOU BUY but I want to move the discussion to the Firmino thread.

  1. Will we have s mobile App for TAN in the future?

Think one way to do the third point is by quoting the message from that thread, and then copy pasting it from the reply box to the thread you want to post.

Edit: Yep, and clicking on the quoted post is navigating me to the original post.


There are 2 ways to quote.

  1. Click the reply button, then the speach bubble in the top left corner of the reply box will quote the entire post.

  2. To quote a section of a post, highlight the part you want to quote and you will automatically get a quote button which will post the highlighted section in the reply box.

I imagine if you copy that, you could then paste in another thread and it should allow the quote.

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I actually thought the in match thread was better with the 20 characters minimum. The quality of posts was much better and you weren’t wading through lots of posts saying S**t or WTF. I hope it doesn’t change.


Reposting this here as well.

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