Sadio MANÉ: 2020/21

First Name: Sadio
Surname: Mané
Squad Number: 10
Position: Forward
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 76kg
D.O.B.: 10.04.1992.
Town of Birth: Sedhiou
Country of Birth: Senegal
Nationality: Senegalese

It looks like KDB pipped him to the PFA award it appears that you have to come second in the league before you can win it

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I wonder how much of it was down to Pep moaning about it pre-emptively.


This guy is a bloody, fucking, firecracker. He was the first to respond the moment he misplaced that pass. The boys in blue were just loitering around while zipped into their box, forced the mistake and scored.

Without diving and penalties, some achievement.


It’s all the more remarkable given that he has so much more to his game than goals. There are many games where you might point to him as the most influential player even if fails to score.


Agreed, and usually goals are secondary for him. He’s more focused on the overall game, right from tracking back to taking on players to create chances for others. Been our consistent performer for a while, and especially when the chips are down and in big games, you know Mane is the player that’ll deliver, atleast from performance perspective.


He was pissed off that he was subbed last night and I’m not surprised. He has been consistently brilliant now for months and works so hard, like he’s on a one man mission to win. Really pumped up. On current form he has to be in the conversation when discussing the best player in the world.


100%. Quite a few non LFC fans are now beginning to say much the same. About time too. He’s been phenomenal for two years now.

Imagine being a defender and seeing Mané getting subbed off :pray: …only to see a fresh Jota coming on :astonished: :scream: :rofl:


The Fucking Firecracker :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

You can see he has a fantastic relationship with Klopp,his reaction of coming off and Klopp’s reaction to it shows how much they understand each other without ego’s getting in the way,we’re blessed.


I think he was subbed because he was on a yellow and he was running around like a maniac. Klopp’s subbed Mane before because of that, albeit in slightly different circumstances.

His 35 minutes in that second half are honestly better than what most footballers will ever do in 90 minutes in their careers. It was an unbelievable performance.

He’s always the man for the big occasion against the top sides. Chelsea and Arsenal have some attacking players that receive a lot of hype and praise but if anyone thinks the likes of Aubemeyang, Lacazette, Werner, Havertz etc are anywhere close to being as good as Mane they need the men in white coats to come and take them away.

If he stays with us for another 3-4 years he’ll go down as one of Liverpool’s best ever players, no doubt in my mind at all.


Yeah, he was a little bit lucky with that first yellow. If it ended up in the opponent’s face, that’s a red card. Also got stuck into some needless duels near the end. I think Klopp just wanted to protect him and give Jota another cameo in his best position.

Usually, needs to be more careful when he goes with his foot high instead of his head. He often does that, which is close to another Ederson incident happening.

Mane was brilliant again. Though when he took that chance on the turn with his left, I thought he should’ve taken it immediately with his right. Arsenal and Palace are his top customers, scoring 6 goals against each clubs. 22 of his Liverpool goals (78) coming in the 16-30min period.

For me, he’s probably now the main wide player since probably McManaman and then since Barnes? Can easily go into Liverpool’s best XI for the last 30 years or so. Really hit a new level of maturity and consistency since I’d say the winter of that 18/19 season.


Think with Jota and Minamino we now have better cover than we’ve had before in terms of both fit and quality. As such Klopp can and will take the front three off for rests and rotate them onto the bench for the odd game here and there to keep them fully rested, sharp and hungry. I’ve no problem with those three then being annoyed and frustrated sometimes not being on the pitch. It’s for their own good (performance and injury side of things) and what’s best for the team (always comes first). Just Mane is quite open and firey when angry/frustrated he’s very easy to read. I’m sure he understands it once calmed down though.


I’ve read now several rumours that Sadio has now been tested positive as well. I still hope it’s not true, but he is also missing on the trainings pics.

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Oh crap, not Mane :cold_face:

It’s confirmed…

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