Sadio MANÉ: 2020/21


There’ll be a few more here I reckon

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Shit. Bad news for Sadio, get well soon.

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I am most seriously displeased.

Get well Sadio, take care of yourself and your family.


It could be the end of covid now Mane has it.


Will they all have to self isolate…
It makes me wonder.

Get well soon, our panther.

Hope that we will not have a crisis with this bloody virus.

More infections are surely inevitable given how close these guys are in training etc.


Would have thought that but I assume this came from the tests done after Thiago showed it.

Hopefully no one else gets it before the weekend

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A big loss, gett well and come back firing.
Thankfully we now have Jota to fill in on the left


Just in time for internationals.
That’s a conspiracy!

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After almost one year of Covid here is a serious (but maybe stupid) question. If you’re young(ish) and healthy - and especially if you’re an athlete - being infected isn’t such an ‘dangerous’ thing right?

In the worst case Thiago and Sadio will have symptoms like when having a flu and will be back at 100% after max. 10 days, right?

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It is a shitty thing of course but if you got it better during an international break than in December.

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Yes still very dangerous.

Not for dying, but lasting symptoms, scaring on the lungs, blood clots etc.

Arguably some top athletes are more at risk. This was the FA belief at the start of lockdown. Because they push their bodies to the absolute limits it can hit them for 6 when sick.

Like taking a F1 car off road.


Get well soon. A blow for us, same goes for Thiago


Both will be available for the Everton game but one more with the virus and they will cancel the villa game.

Why is that?

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Don’t want Mane to be rushed. Ideally, I would expect him as substitute in the Ajax game.

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Yeah is that the rule?

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No I just saw a championship game where they had two cases in the same team and they cancelled the game? I am not sure how many you need to have the game postponed?

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