Serie A Discussion

I noticed Serie A didn’t have a discussion, anyhow I noted Pirlo is in charge of Juve, if one player is going be good at management it is him but it’s a cushy job to start off with.

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Roma handed 3-0 defeat to Verona due to admin error over Diawara.

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My Roma supporting friend must be fuming right now.

Very high expectations though. Winning Serie A isn’t enough.


Roma drew with a 10- man Juventus. Guess I should be happy with that.

Should have won that, they had a lead and a man advantage. Mkhitiryan should have had 2 goals.


Maggio still playing at the age of 38. Up against the 35-year old Young today.

Last week saw Sampdoria bringing Candreva from Inter on a 4-year deal, which will take him to the age of 38. Few days later, he starts. As did Quagliarella, 38. A goal and an assist between them.

Can’t beat Italy. :joy:


Watching Lazio vs. Atalanta. Pretty dire :grimacing:

Atalanta don’t seem to stop any time soon, do they?

Proving to be dangerous even by allowing Lazio more of the ball.

Would love them to win a title if they can. Difficult, but all other top sides are getting on my nerves, so they have my full support!

It’s amazing how such a boring game could have had five goals in it.

Goals do not a good game make. Some of the best games I’ve ever seen have been goalless draws.

Such as… errr… ummm… :thinking:


What a pass by Kolarov on 00:16:

:heart_eyes: :bow_and_arrow:


Mourinho, is that you. Are you talking about your Masterclass draws.

Utter chaos regarding Juventus vs. Napoli game.

It is remarkable that a team of Atalanta’s tradition and budget is being spoken about as a credible title contender.

Even with the pay hikes and bonuses accrued from playing Champions League football for a second year in a row, their wage bill (€42.6 million) is still in the bottom half of Serie A and pales in comparison with those at Roma (€112 million) and Napoli (€105 million) let alone Juventus (€236 million) and Inter (€149 million).



Inter trailing Milan courtesy of a brace from the indomitable Zlatan :sunglasses:

Earlier Napoli has thrashed Atalanta 4-1 :unamused:

I’d love it if Zlatan at the age of 39 got involved in the top scorer race.

To have both Ronaldo and Zlatan ahead of Lukaku, brilliant. :joy:

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How about this for a stat!


Zlatan puts Milan ahead.

Who cares…?