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Well played Lazio…
superb win…

Indeed! May have to watch more of their games ^^
As for Napoli, i hope they find their way back (soon), their football last season often was a joy to watch and i think it will be the last season for quite a few of their players in a napoli shirt …

Just saw that Pogba made his comeback from injury this weekend with a sub appearance, but needed to be subbed off himself before the end.

Ante Rebic on zlatan Ibrahimovic

"I am glad I will finally be without Zlatan Ibrahimovic. That man knows how to manipulate the coach and the entire team just to be on the starting eleven. He would come late at training and pick up on me, he would laugh at me and say ‘Rebbii you came so early, and you putting so much work just for the bench this weekend’ …everyone would be laughing seeing nothing wrong with that man, coach also included. I felt much in peace when he was injured, because I was the first option. The coach feared him period. He doesn’t even like to pay up meal bills… He would say ‘Rebbii this is your new job, to sign meal bills because you haven’t been playing for months now’… Just because he is tough, he bullies everyone "

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I still can’t believe Lorenzo Insigne is playing at Toronto FC at 31yo.

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Does not surprise me

Rebic is a bit of an idiot so it would be interesting to hear the other side of the story.


Big Milan derby coming up this weekend, Inter look like a more solid side to me, but Milan are more dynamic and probably have more upside - far more explosive attack now than Leao is not the only threat with pace. Looking forward to how they match up with Toon next week.

Milan getting pummeled in the derby. Still 10+ mins to go.

The third came courtesy of a cruel deflection which killed them off, the 4th was Theo mistiming his tackle and caught Lautaro late in the box.

Frattesi has caught the eye, very neat and calm on the ball.

Retegui is a talent.

Absolutely terrible by Meret.

Napoli really not started this campaign well.

Think it was a mistake to hire Rudi García

I thought Inter would win, but if one team was going to put up that many goals, I figured it would be Milan

Amazingly it is supposedly the first time Inter have scored 5 goals in a game (maybe league game) for about 40 years.