Site upgrade 16/09 COMPLETE - New Features

Hey Guys,

Just warning that the site will go down for a short period next week during the early hours (UK time).

This will allow me to add further features.

Planned upgrades include

• Light/Dark mode toggle button
• Donation button
• Taking feedback from skins and upgrading look and feel.
• Might change email server for higher capacity one
• Other upgrade suggestions.

During this period the site will either be inaccessible (maybe 20 minutes ), and slightly evolving over several hours.


Bump- just a reminder I am doing an upgrade today … new features comming :wink:


Including spellcheck? :wink:


I suffer from the problem that my spelling is so bad even google often does not have a suggestion :laughing:


Feature Upgrade 1 of 8

Users now have integrated GIF searching.

Every user will have a new button on their tool bar

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 09.48.24

This allows searching for GIFs to embed into your posts


Every post is going to have a Gif now,i can sense it lol


Feature upgrade 2 of 8.

IOS/IPadOS app.

Have an Ipad or Iphone ? TAN is now fully optimised to work with FIG.

Fig is available for [free


Simply download the software, and within the software search for The Anfield Noise

Most of the functions and features in Fig are free and will be plentiful for most users.

This includes options for notifications and alerts.

Its a fantastic app and makes TAN look beautiful :heart_eyes:

FIG app is not available in my region, apparently. :thinking:

Just checking are you in the UK ?

Feature 3 of 8

Widescreen skins, larger avatars, larger reply button



Indeed I am. I’m a Surrey boy.

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Will ask the developer to add to UK app store. It works for me in NZ, and it works in the US so he should be able to add it to the UK :wink:

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Feature 4 of 8

Skins with App like feel in any mobile browser


Site feature 5 of 8 upgrade.

Ram on server upgraded from 1gb to 2gb

This should hopefully solve any log-out problems for the Chelsea game :wink:

Just checked with Fig developer it should be available to the guys in the UK. He said though the app store has poor searching.

Try look for ““fig for discourse”.

Let me know how you get on :wink:

Upgrade/Feature 6

The app that TAN recommends is FIG (which is a native IOS app), but this is not available on Android

DiscourseHub is an alternative.

Is available for both IOS and Android.

These apps act as a wrapper (uses your browser), but I understand add the capability for push notifications.

Sorry lad but failed to get finished everything I wanted to.

Still we have

  1. Upgraded server to 2gb
  2. Integrated GIF search
  3. Added native IOS app support (FIG)
  4. Added 5 new skins
  5. Added quick button mobile bottom to those 5 skins (works on all mobile browsers)
  6. Added wide screen, larger avatars, better buttons to those 5 skins
  7. Those 5 skins are good play nice with DiscourseHub (app with Android and IOS).

Still lots of features and upgrades to come. Hopefully next week :wink:


Thanks for all your work, I still miss fowler!

Personally I’m not a fan of old gifs (does than make me an old git?) as they take up lots of space/data when scrolling on the mobile but otherwise all looks great

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