SKY and BT PPV PL games

Absolutely disgraceful.

Not satisfied with PL games already spread between SKY, BT and Amazon the PL wants to price gouge fans further.

In the UK you already pay more than anyone else in the world for a service worse than anyone else.

This action will simply drive more fans towards illegal streaming.


Currently I pay for sky sports and BT sports and have Amazon Prime sharing with a friend, they ain’t getting any more I’m using hesgoals for games not on tv in uk.


Need to stand up against this - there should be an uproar. We are in a midst of a pandemic. People losing lives and livelihoods. Don’t make football hard to reach - it’s already costly to watch.

It’s actually keeping millions of peoples spirits up at moment.

Hopefully someone with a lot of followers will start a movement against it.


I pay for Now Tv and share that with a friend who I share their BT, I’m away from the country when this Liverpool game is on PPV, sadly unless there is opposition.

If it was a fiver I may well entertain it, I won’t bother at £15 and if people do entertain it, then I’d worry about the bigger games ending up on this platform.


15 quid?

Fuck that. I won’t pay that to watch Liverpool on TV nevermind other teams.

There’s a big UFC event on on the 24th october at 19:30, I’ll happily watch that instead.


This is utterly diabolical. While I understand that the clubs are in a dire situation, putting a squeeze on the poor, literally, fans reeks of irresponsibility and greed.

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Well done Leicester for voting against this …shame on the rest of the PL clubs including our own club, which some have laughingly claimed is a “socialist” club. Yeah right.


A different point of view here. Clubs are losing 15% income now no supporters are allowed in the stadiums but we expect them to sign players like Thiago who are on enormous wages. That money has to come from somewhere. We all praise FSG the way they run our club but they can only do that when enough money comes in and yes the majority of that incoming money comes direct or indirect from us the fans. It’s a fact of life.

If you don’t want to pay the £ 15 to watch your club, go to your local, buy two pints (one for each half) and watch the game, much cheaper.

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And catch the virus…here in Liverpool we have rapidly rising infection rates. No way am I going to a crowded pub to watch football. Madness…

If they made it £5 they would get at least 3 times the number paying…same revenue and everyone is happy…


You are assuming that your local pub is open (more restrictions in the North-West probably due on Monday), that it chooses to show the “unscheduled” Liverpool games and that it has the socially distanced capacity to safely accommodate the additional clientele.

In any case, has there been any indication that pubs, and other such venues, will be permitted to show these extra matches and, if so, at what extra charge? I cannot see Sky/BT choosing not to impose additional charges on public venues.

Given the financial difficulties most pubs find themselves in, would they want to accept the extra costs?

So, for many fans, going to the pub to watch the match is not going to be a viable option.


I use Total Sportek which has lot’s of streams for all our games for free,I’ll spend the £15 on munchies.


Has there been any indication from Sky as to what they are proposing to charge per “unscheduled” game on NowTV?

I doubt that these games will be included in the standard day/month passes on NowTV Sport.

4 pints of larger and a packet of crisps please.

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Pubs in Liverpool will be shut on the 24th October.

It’ll mean people congregating at one another’s houses instead and sharing the cost.


Excellent point. It is almost inevitable that this is what will happen.

I don’t know the answer to that it was just a suggestion but if it is not possible you either cough up the money and support our club with it or you don’t, are matches still on the radio in the UK?

BTW, I see a lot of people complaining about the prize but a % of them would go to the matches and spending a lot more than £ 15 on match days. Money they keep in their pockets now. I know it is not the same but if you want to see Liverpool play our club have provided a solution for you in HQ tv, so not an illegal stream. :sunglasses:

The thing is people have already paid.

They are paying £40-£55 a month for Sky and BT sport’s. Some fans have additionally paid for Amazon prime (£80 a year) to get the games streamed on there.

This is a further charge on top, during a time everyone is tightening their belts (not just football clubs)


I appreciate that it was only a suggestion, but it won’t be a viable option for many in and around Merseyside.

As for the costs, if all the money was going to the Liverpool, then I would probably cough up, but it’s not. And let’s not forget, the £14.95 per match is on top of the monthly subscription fee for Sky/BT/Virgin.

Lord knows what Sky will charge in addition to the day/month pass on NowTV. And that’s not even an option on BT.

However you are quite right, going to the match would cost a heck of a lot more. But then you don’t get the whole experience watching on TV at home especially as the games are being played in empty stadiums. The artificial crowd noises just makes matters worse.

And if you go to the match you don’t have to listen to Tyler, Carragher, Neville and co. droning on with their inane drivel. We should be paid to listen to them.


They’ve paid but not for the ability to watch every game that wouldn’t otherwise be televised. I have no objection to the PL seeking revenue in return for allowing all the games to be televised. What I object to is the cost.

We get that every matchday each club loses millions of pounds in lost ticket sales and merchandising and they desperately want to mitigate for that. But £15 a pop? Really?!

Make it £5 as Rambler suggested and fans won’t feel like they’re being fleeced so much when everyone’s income is likely to be down. Plus they’ll get more viewers and people will be less likely to resort to illegal streams.

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