Speed Skating, the Jutta Leerdam sport 😎

344K Likes, 2,202 Comments - Jutta Leerdam (@juttaleerdam) on Instagram: "Pre ice warm up. πŸ–€"

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That girl is almost as gorgeous as me.


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I always suspected she was using a bucket of filler and makeup.

Something to cheer us up after the Real match tonight :sunglasses:



More than a little photo shopping going on here he thinks compared to the white one below.

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A bit chilly …:sunglasses:

That nightie doesn’t fit her…

I’m not sure she would need to wear it for too long if @Dutch was around W8 :0)

This thread is making an old man very happy… :hot_face:

She is 6’0" tall - her legs make up 5’0" of that :0)

Oh ok…nothing for the ladies eh!..a nice Nunez would suffice…

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Mrs has been watching Chris Hemsworth’s series called β€œLimitless” as of late.

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Another young and upcoming skating talent: Joy Beune …

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The Joy & Jutta Thread…do it my friend.

You forgot to insert the new emoji lfti… :0)

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