Speed Skating, the Jutta Leerdam sport 😎

Because @Iftikhar asked …

My uncle was a champion speed skater, his surname was De Jong, looked nothing like that though.

Just a nice day in the countryside … :innocent:

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Just keeping you guys up to speed(skating) with Jutta

Your efforts are much appreciated :upside_down_face:

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Tim And Eric Reaction GIF

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Dear @Dutch it’s been weeks. You are slacking my friend.

Dear @Iftikhar i know I am but I arrived today in Canterbury. I’m playing 18 holes tomorrow and after that I’m leaving for Ware to play some more golf and I must find a pub to watch the Liverpool match.

After that I go to Liverpool and Harrogate. I will keep you posted on The Speed skating thing in Oktober :joy:

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You should post some selected photos instead of posting just a freaking link. You owe us that much.

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Will do better next time :hot_face:

Nice hair.

Yep, nice hair … :smile:

an impressive win, but she’s got nothing on Steen Bradbury


A bloke, somehow you don’t seem to grasp the purpose of this topic … :innocent:


Aussie, what can I say.

I do.

But who doesn’t also love an underdog story?

Boys will be boys…:rofl::rofl::rofl: