SpVgg Greuther Fūrth somewhere in Germany behind closed doors BST 12:00

Never heard of that team.

It’s on LFC.TV and LFC go.



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They are second division at the moment. They were one season wonders in the Bundesliga. Henry Kissinger is a fan which is somewhat damning with faint praise.

I think this is the link for Sky Sports (Deutschland):

I’ll confirm later although it will probably require a German connection and possibly a Sky login.

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Any background on why Kissinger became a GF fan?

It was his childhood team, apparently, which seems as good a reason as any. Apparently his father didn’t approve and thought he should go to the opera instead.

Ich weiss gar nicht was ein Greuther ist, oder vielleicht geht es so; greuth, greuther, am greuthesten. Keine Ahnung :thinking:

vielleicht das?

Apparently the Fürth fans hate it too.


Three times German champions :wink:

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Look every fanbase has their idiots

Named after a bus stop?

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Hopefully can we see a routine 4231 instead of the disaster that was last time.

Good opportunity for Doak with first team quality around him.

Gakpo in midfield? Works for me.

I’d say more likely to be 4-2-4 with Gakpo given the licence to drop deep and add that link between midfield and attack. Or maybe a 4-2-3-1

Delayed start to game due to rain

There will be a short delay due to the weather conditions, it’s not because rain, haha. It’s because of the lightning or thunderstorm, i dont know the english word, maybe Flashes??

Es blitzt :upside_down_face:


About to find out if these players can play on a cold, rainy and windy Monday afternoon at Sportpark Ronhof Thomas Sommer

Anyone know how long it is delayed. Have to watch this on mute and secretly as in work :confused: can’t afford to be waiting. Join last stream last minute job

I thought it didn’t kick off until 12 anyway?