Stefan BAJČETIĆ: 2022/23

mate…we still have the same issue in the over 45s!!!

its the nature of the beast isnt it?..if your smart enough, or, realistic enough to know when you should pull back from the red line?..then your probably doing something else with your life…

No I didn’t mean the concussion, before that.

Some issues are over playing and age some are much deeper.

Oddest thing was we had very few until the end last season and that was to be expected.

Stefan on insta.


Good place to hide after the season we’ve had.


Isn’t he injured?

Out for the season according to … well Stefan.

For the season, he’s deserted us.

Hanging out with birds, he needs to concentrate on his football :wink:

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Rather see him with a bird than with a purse … :innocent: