Stefan BAJČETIĆ: 2022/23

Is our shocking injury record going to act as a deterrent to future transfer targets? “Sorry, Jürgen, but I’m not joining you. Don’t want to spend half of the best years of my career in the treatment room.”

yes, in a nutshell

Sad for the kid, but it also shows the collective failure from the club at all levels that we have had to rely on an 18 year old this season , who has never even played a League game before.

Credit to the lad, he came in and performed in games when chips were down.

I guess it’s Arthur time now…:see_no_evil: And hopefully he gets a chance to justify the salary he has collected since joining.

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Its bullshit that the club leaned so heavily on an 18 year old. How negligent.

Anyway, we better save our club by buying a 19 year old for £120m this summer.


At this point it goes way beyond bad luck. It needs investigating and sorting out.

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Yep it’s borderline gross negligence, from the preseason failure to starting the season with multiple injuries leading to the overplaying of basically all our team forcing them to all break down.

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I love that we have had an 18 year old step up from the academy, much prefer having Stefan than spending millions on someone else.

Bullshit post

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I blame Naby, Ox and Jones for being constantly injured. On a positive though Bacjetic would never have got the chance if they were fit. :grin:

Just read this, and I can’t believe that. Not only are we the club with by far the most injuries to first team players in the Premier league, but now this shitshow of a season takes us also away one of our brightest prospects in the last years.

This is cruel, and honestly, it’s no fun anymore. Either we are cursed by Abu Dhabi appointed witches, or there is something horribly wrong within the club at fitness coaching and medical level. Honestly… :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

Pretty much all our prospects on the shelf now aren’t they? Ramsay Gordon & Baj…believe Doak also just back last few weeks from being injured. Even look back to the likes of Sinclair/Brewster, soon as they started training with first team these guys suffer bad injuries…somethings definitely up & it can only be some form of overtraining.

Oh mate, this made me really laugh out loud. Thanks for lightening up the mood a bit, amid all the gloom, even if it’s maybe unintended… :rofl:

I could see this happening in the near future, yes. People will start noticing the club’s recklessness in the way they handle young players’ fitness, or indeed any players’ fitness. You really have to be a kind of Milner in order to sustain that kind of treatment without too much issues.

First time I’ve thought this, but if I was a promising prospect, I’d certainly weigh up the perspective of getting game time (one of Klopp’s strengths when developing youngsters) with the heightened risk of getting bad injuries (one of his correlated weaknesses).

To a talented ambitious 17 year old, hearing a young player talk about playing so much for the first team he got injured is going to make as much as a complaint or warning as listening to a married man complain that he’s tired because his wife wants sex every night.

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I’ve had a rough period on all fronts for a while but, as one of my friends put it, “you still haven’t lost your touch when it comes to laughing at yourself”! :joy:

It’s better than not losing your laugh when it comes to touching yourself…

Doak was concussion so probably not best to over analyse injuries like that.

And Gordon’s injury is classed as “growing pains”. That makes it sound rather frivilous in my opinion when you look at the list of possible potential symptoms… I haven’t seen anything reporting that he was overworked, it seems to be an unfortunate natural part of his body’s development that has mostly affected his pelvis. I’m not sure its fair to throw all of the youngsters together and blame the club for every injury.

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mate…we still have the same issue in the over 45s!!!

its the nature of the beast isnt it?..if your smart enough, or, realistic enough to know when you should pull back from the red line?..then your probably doing something else with your life…

No I didn’t mean the concussion, before that.

Some issues are over playing and age some are much deeper.

Oddest thing was we had very few until the end last season and that was to be expected.