Such a shame to lose classic posts!

I was reading a post today and it reminded me of the story in an old Thiago thread “about the monkeys and smearing peanut butter on the car to impress a date”.

I needed a good chuckle but unfortunately the old player threads are gone. It’s a shame to lose such classic posts.

The posts are still there, just under a different folder :wink:

Heres a link

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Saw that earlier but get “ Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

I think that might have been my post about the monkey’s wrecking my car driving through Knowsley Safari Park due to the amount of peanut butter I spread over it to attract them… Just trawled through some backlog, and yes, it seems to have disappeared…!

Sorry it was a permissions issue when groups got archived. Should be fixed now :slight_smile:


Yeah that has done trick - Thanks :0)

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You had another great car story.

This one maybe… ?? :0)

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Yes, that’s the one.

Cynical had it removed due to “apostrophe abuse”


This is the search I had to perform 2 years ago to find it.

Think it’s a shame too, the classics from TIA to me was

  1. modern warfare 2…those who remember know it was a classic with I think it was hunters man or something.

  2. transfer BBQs smtm Vs primetime.

  3. can’t remember the thread it was in, but one poster saying “I’m fucking done supporting this club, I’m off to support a real team like city or Chelsea”


If I had the power to do that, there’d only be about three posts left on the entire forum.

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One of these days I am going to upload it. Before TIA shut its doors I downloaded all 50gb of it !


You bloody legend :raised_hands: