Summer Transfer Window 2022

Think it could be good to open this one a bit earlier than usually as we have some confirmed deals already.

Also, to keep track of the latest rumours.

After all, these are the months when summer plans are more or less finalized (though of course, it can be changed numerous times until the 1st of September).

Anyway, new update from Balague on Haaland:

It looks like he has asked for an extra 10-15 days to make his final decision.

Either he goes this summer to City/Real/Barca, or he stays at Dortmund for one more season with a view of going to Real or Barca in the summer of 2023.

City want him this summer and are trying to use the situation to make Pep stay (and to make Haaland come now) for another 2 years or so when his 2023 contract expires.

Barca want him this summer, but of course, with the whole financial package being around €350m (not only transfer clause, but wages, agent fee, etc.), it’s a big question if they can pull it off right now.

Real want him next summer.


There is still continual chatter (mostly from the clickbait nightmare that is the Liverpool Echo) that Haaland is coming to us. I generally treat rumours of new signings such that if you have heard of them, they aren’t coming. I think Thiago was maybe an exception to that as I had heard of him and that dragged on for weeks but in that case I suspect it was the selling side pushing it and the price was right.

I’m curious to see who becomes available from relegated/distressed clubs. I could see Pope leaving Burnley if they go down which may suit us as it may take any attention off anyone looking to poach Kelleher.

I think PSG may shed a couple of players but probably not the obvious superstars as no-one will want to pay the wages.

Some more noise about Lewandowski to Barcelona. The rumours I’ve read have referred to reports in Catalan and Italian media, don’t know if there’s been anything from German sources.

This summer? Interesting, as he has a year left with Bayern. What would Bayern do in that case (I somehow don’t think Haaland would go there).

Will be interesting to see who comes but also who goes from Barca this summer.

Because if Lewa joins, then there’s a question with people like Depay and Aubameyang already there. Maybe the latter two would play more minutes off the sides? I don’t know, but surely the 3 of them competing for that central spot, there’s not enough game time to satisfy all of them. Maybe Auba has a clause or something.

And then other players like Torres and Fati.

Lewondowski is supposedly on 400k a week and Bayern don’t want to extend him on that level. They also supposedly think they have a chance at Haaland, and if they can get him would be willing to let go of Lewi now. So I think expect a lot of stories like this as his agent tries to find him a place to land

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Laporte has announced that Barca have already closed deals for 2 players to arrive in the summer. Not named or confirmed, but largely presumed to be Christensen and Kessie on free transfers.

He also pretty much ruled them out of both Haaland and from bringing back Messi.


That’s how I understood it, yes, talking about this summer. 4-year deal mentioned.

Depay seems to be on his way out. I believe he signed a 2-year deal, so only one left after this season.

Oh wow, forgot about that.

What a weird situation, I thought Depay’s status is safe.

Wonder where he goes next if that’s the case.

Newcastle have been told £25m will be enough to tempt Union Berlin into selling Nigeria striker Taiwo Awoniyi this summer, although West Ham and Southampton are also interested in the 24-year-old. (Bild - in German)

Do we have a sell on clause?

10% I read.


Looks like Mazraoui and Gravenberch will both sign for Bayern.

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That’s being reported, but also now comments that both have been earmarked to follow Ten Hag to Utd.

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Will be interesting to see how Bayern put their pieces together in defence, because in last years, I wasn’t convinced.

I think the only real starter is Davies and possibly Pavard. The latter going purely by solidity, certain consistency and already some good experience for club and country. Upamecano still needs to prove himself more I think. He goes nowhere obviously, but has the task of finding a high(er) level for Bayern.

With Mazraoui in, Bouna Sarr (weird move, they brought him in but he basically never got a chance) will probably be sold and Stanisic loaned out.

Sule will be gone from CB. Upamecano and Nianzou remain as the only two natural CB’s.

Pavard played a lot at RB in last years but it’s no secret that he sees himself at CB long term. But then you also have the questions of partnerships. I don’t really see a partnership of Pavard and Hernandez at CB in a back 4.

Lucas Hernandez (often forgotten how expensive he was) is again something in between, either a more defensive full back like Pavard or a CB. Both of these players would probably be best in a flexible 3 at the back.

Some of those players do enable you not to have big numbers, but there’s been a lack of clarity and just quality in last years in that part for them I think. Also in midfield, whenever you didn’t have both Kimmich and especially Goretzka fit. I think Kimmich needs more help, he’s fantastic but also possibly carrying too much on his shoulders right now. Sabitzer didn’t play much this season either.

Wouldn’t surprise me if they were looking to add a CB also.


This is a smart move for all parties involved, although I’m very interested to see whether Barcelona will look to fleece them.

Pairing De Jong and Van De Beek is a shrewd move.

Haha, getting the band back together - I completely forgot about Van De Beek!

He’s been vastly miss-managed, but only 25. That’s the start of a strong midfield.

Has he been mismanaged or is he just crap? I’ve never seen anything promising from him.